Cracow 2018 / Kraków 2018

Cracow is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Poland. I thought I could believe people who were always repeating that but after I visited the place myself I know, Cracow is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, really.

Have a look at the Cloth Hall at the Main Market.


So, the first plans to build Kraków Cloth Hall appeared as soon as the 13th century. Bolesław the Chaste decided to build Sukiennice (Polish name for Cloth Hall) – double row stone stalls placed in the middle of the Main Market Square. However, these were wooden stalls that were the archetype for the present Sukiennice. Before 1358, the King Casimir III the Great displayed Gothic Sukiennice which burnt in 1555. Between 1556 – 1559, the King intended to re-build the burnt Sukiennice. What was then added to the new Sukiennice was the attic, underground arcades and mascaron surface according to the project of Santi Gucci. Column loggias according to the project of Jan Maria Padovano were built onto.

Sukiennice did not change too much since the 14th century.


Here with Adam Mickiewicz – one of the greaters Polish poets of all time.


Sigismund Bell is 498 years old now!! Can you believe it? It weights 11 tonnes and it is incredible.

and the most touching part… in the memory of a dog who waited for his owner at the roundabout in Kraków (where the owner died in an accident) for two years…


I have much more but WordPress does not allow me to publish it and if you fancy to see all the pictures, I cordially invite you to visit Mofosuperheroe


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    • I didn’t visit the Salt Mines but it is actually a very good reason to come back 🙂 I only managed to visit the Cloth Hall museum undergroung the Cloth Hall. It was the only once I was underground. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  1. It’s one of my favourite cities in Poland. If you enjoyed Kraków then you should go and visit Wrocław as well. I’m sure you would love it!

  2. Always wanted to visit there. My grandfather emigrated to the US from Krakow. And I made acquaintance of two guys touring California ages ago now, with whom I corresponded for several years. then I moved and lost connections. Beautiful pictures of the old city.

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