Potsdam is an undiscovered pearl :)

What do you think about Potsdam? Is it for you just a city worth a one-day visit during your stay in Berlin? People usually go to Berlin and forget that there is much more beauty just around the corner… Loads of beautiful and old monuments, museum of Potsdam, parks… and great architecture 🙂 Just have a look and try not to fall in love 🙂


Of course, there was a great reason why I chose to visit Potsdam, it was this famous and beautiful Sanssouci Palace and Sanssouci park and architecture; I wanted to know if this picture beauty is true… I can say only one thing: the Palace, park, architecture and everything else , every other palace, is true and even more beautiful as in all the pictures out there 🙂 Breathtaking 🙂

I believe that in springtime the  park is glorious with all the trees blooming and all the flowers waking up… but autumn seems to be beautiful in that place too!

Of course, it is a great place for all the history lovers out there! You can literally touch and feel the history here 🙂

I highly recommend you the city, I really think Potsdam is an undiscovered pearl. I bet many of you know major German cities but you somehow miss the greatest beauty of the country 🙂 it is very interesting how those smaller cities win with the greater ones but it is somehow true…

That was just a short visit and I do not have enough space here on wordpress, so if you fancy to see more pictures, go to my FB Mofosuperheroe 🙂

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