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These are my Classic ASP Scripts and Ready to use Packages that I sell on Techno Dreams /

 Update: Right now, they’re free to download and to use as currently I’m not providing any related support. However, I have a plan to review and update them later if possible. If you want to support this update/upgrade process, feel free to pay the price of the package(s). Please visit Store page for details.

Updated ones if any will be listed separately

Web Directory Package v2.0

Simple yet effect search engine (if we could say about it; since it’s look like a web directory). With advance features like approval, hits, categories, advance search, evolution, favorites, high lightening keywords, admin area, what’s new, new updated, and what’s hot. [MS Access & MS SQL]

Job Career Package v3.0

Job Seekers can post their C.V.s and contact employers for free. Employers (companies) can post as many Job Ads as they need. Users can modify their posts later or delete them through a security system. The System is provided with Advanced Search Capabilities. The system Allows admin to control how many Jobs Ads a company can post (e.g., for free). It allows too how many job seekers a company can contact (e.g., for free). [MS Access & MS SQL]

Cars Ads Package v2.0

Enables you managing a Cars Classifieds Site with Advanced Features. This script can be converted into Motor Cycles Classifieds Site by changing the Car Makers & Car Models to Cycles Maker & Models (it might need some modifications on the outlook design too). [MS Access & MS SQL]

Articles & Papers Package v2.0

Simple site for Articles or Papers. Where users can submit their articles (according to the categories you specify). Users can search and view articles. [MS Access & MS SQL]

FAQ Manager Package v1.0

Manage a FAQ List for your site. It lists FAQ questions and answers by categories. With search capabilities. One important feature is that you can delete a category without deleting its questions and answers. Changes in the script require (only if needed) modifying two files: Header and Footer. Of course you might need to change the connection string. [MS Access & MS SQL]

Contact us Packages v2.1

Allow visitors of your site can contact you through a form on your site. You can enter the Admin Area to check your inbox (incoming messages). You can reply incoming messages immediately through your site (in the Admin Area). You can add those who contacted you through your site to your Address Book in this Admin Area (it checks first if this person exists in your book). You can add new users to your address book. And, you can compose new messages for these users. [MS Access & MS SQL]

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