An old house in the old city

This is my house

In Damascus, most of the old houses are similar.

an old house in Damascus

The man in the video below is my Father. He used to clean the yard and do the maintenance of the house by his own hands like other old men do there. I talked about my Father in another post: Home is where the heart is.

I believe you know now the story behind my logo!

85 thoughts on “An old house in the old city”

  1. What a lovely home. It looks like your garden was in an atrium. Beautiful. Mohamad, how did you choose Qatar over other countries? I would love to learn more about that place, too. Sending you hugs. It must be so hard to see these pictures with all that is going on in Syria.

    • Thank you, Linda. Life isn’t easy but with nice people like your good self around us, things are better for sure. I’ll write about Qatar in the near future hopefully.

  2. Wow. To a very modern-day Australian this is like something out of a book or movie. Rustic, rural, lush, private. I imagine it must be very difficult for you to revisit these images (and video) of your dad and Syria knowing that one has passed over and the other is in such dire predicament at the moment. I hope one day Syria returns to this scene of tranquillity. Thank you for sharing something so personal.


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