The Seasons of West Michigan

Last week, I was invited by Mohamad, to be a guest blogger for his “Around the World” Category.  What an exciting way to celebrate West Michigan! Thank you, Mohamad!

When I contemplate our Great Lakes state, I consistently come back to one word…weather!  Living in West Michigan is like living in four completely different locations on Earth, depending on the season! I have used seasonal views of our horse barn, to display the power of Mother Earth!


Spring in West Michigan is beautiful…well, most of the time.  Temperatures can range from 40º to 70º, all in one 24 hour time period!  For example,  Mother Nature has given us the gift of 4+ inches of rain, over the past few days, with bone chilling temperatures.  The positive twist is that by midweek, it will be 65º and sunny! In Michigan, you can never trust the weather!

During this time of year, West Michigan is in full bloom!  Fruit trees are blossoming and farmers are crossing their fingers, hoping to avoid a hard frost.

Apple Blossoms

Streams, rivers and lakes are flowing strong, due to the heavy rains.  After an endless winter of hibernating, folks begin to emerge and enjoy a bit of sunshine. Kayaks paddle the small, inland lakes and flowing rivers, while fishermen line the water’s edge, hoping for a prize catch.

The dam flowing in the Spring

A trip to the local nursery to purchase spring flowers for planting is also a popular pastime.  It is during this season that I feel most alive!  There is something magical about having my hands covered in Mother Earth. Spring is a new beginning for all!


Summer in West Michigan is lovely!  Temperatures range from 70º-90º.  It can be HOT and HUMID in July and August.  This time of year kicks off the outdoor adventure season in our area. Many spend their weekends boating, fishing, camping and enjoying the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan.

The Shores of Lakes Michigan

Lake Michigan is the second largest of the Great Lakes, by volume.  We enjoy heading out to P.J. Hoffmaster State Park for day hikes through the sand dunes and watching the sunsets from the beach.

Sand Dunes of Lake Michigan

The kids love to swim, but after a long cold winter, the average temperature of Lake Michigan is a balmy 60 degrees.  Yikes!  That is a bit too chilly for my liking!


As Summer’s journey ends, Fall begins to make her way to West Michigan and she is incredible! Fall is my most favorite time of year!  The average temperature is around 65º, with a nice reprieve from the humidity.  Leaves begin to change and a rainbow of warm hues fill the trees.

West Michigan has hundreds of inland lakes.

During the beginning of this joyous season, crisp apples are freshly picked off the trees and consumed by the bushels!  Hot apple cider and spiced donuts are also sold at local apple orchards.    There is nothing as wonderful as warm, fresh spiced donuts!  As the season progresses, farmers harvest their crops and begin to create elaborate corn mazes, loved by all.  Fields are loaded with orange pumpkins and golden sunflowers, ready to be picked for the season.


Fall is crisp and delightful.  I cherish every moment, for I know what’s approaching, all too well…(cue Darth Vader’s Theme Song here!)


I dread Winter. Granted, the holidays in November and December are a wonderful distraction from Winter’s torment. Temperatures can range from 30° to -30°. During the depths of this blustery season, venturing outside truly makes your face hurt. The wind is wicked and the snow is mighty. There are some “Michiganders” that live for this frigid season. I attempt to respect their ideals, but will never understand their passion for this lifeless and unforgiving season.

Over the years, I have tried to embrace the snow. One experience at attempting to downhill ski was all it took for me to realize that winter is diffidently not for me.

I like my feet firmly planted on the ground!

For those of you that ski, I commend you! This risk taking adventure was one of the scariest moments of my life. Strapping long wooden planks on my feet and going down hill at an ungodly speed, without having control, was not my idea of a good time! And, I was on the bunny hill!!  Four-year-olds were skiing circles around me. With much frustration, I held my head high, sat down, and removed my skis.  Then, I calmly proceeded to walk down to the bottom of the hill, directly to the heated car!

I watched from the ground!

I was meant to hibernate. Mr. Bear move over, I’m coming in.   Although Winter in West Michigan brings much joy to skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers and ice fisherman, I try to stay positive, enjoy the view from inside and count the days until Spring…

I do enjoy a hike on a calm Winter’s day!

There you have it! My little seasonal journey of West Michigan and all of her beauty…  Thank you again, Mohamad, for inviting me to share a little slice of my World with others. As Always…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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  1. Great idea of representing your home state through the seasons. Your writing is very evocative and your pictures are stunning. West Michigan looks beautiful – especially in snow 🙂


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