A note about WordAds Earnings

Cash-dollarsI believe there is a real enhancement in WordAds revenue. I usually receive around $3 a month. This month, October’s earnings were around $14.

I noticed an increase in traffic to my blog. However, I think this was supported by better ads performance comparing to the earlier situation. Moreover, it seems that WordPress is displaying more ads from Google AdSense program.

Please refer to my previous post: Do you display ads on your blog?

What about you, have you noticed increasing in your ads revenue?

52 thoughts on “A note about WordAds Earnings”

    • Wow, Kathleen… Thousands of visitors per month is something that one can crow about! I’m not sure about the situation here. WordPress doesn’t show us exactly how things are going on in this regards. As I mentioned in other places and comments, it could be due to the quality of traffic (USA & Canada) or due to the verity in topics… Unfortunately, with WordPress, most visits come through the WP’s reader not through the main Website… Anyway, I understand your point. All my researches here led to the result that a payment of $100 needs 1 -2 years to be received!!

  1. My answers to your questions is no. I think main reason I don’t get many in traffic is I don’t write what they like, which I don’t care. I write what comes to my mind. What would you suggest to get more visitors to my site?

  2. Does anyone know where I can find the rates that WordAds charges? On the website it is all about setting up on our blogs. It would be interesting to see as I feel there penetrate they are sharing is going to be very small.

    • For me, I don’t know and I searched for that but with no luck. Personally, I think they give us the smallest percentage.
      I’m also interested in knowing others’ information/opinions about this…

  3. I’m all for people earning any way possible, but, Mohamad, I really don’t see the ads; I’m not there for that reason. For me it’s all about the content of the post; blinkers to anything else. 🙂

    • That’s very valid and interesting point, Carolyn. I do the same often and I noticed it mostly on Facebook. I don’t see their ads! This might be another reason for not getting high earnings from displaying ads; that’s, the way ads are being displayed or their positions!


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