A note about WordAds Earnings

Cash-dollarsI believe there is a real enhancement in WordAds revenue. I usually receive around $3 a month. This month, October’s earnings were around $14.

I noticed an increase in traffic to my blog. However, I think this was supported by better ads performance comparing to the earlier situation. Moreover, it seems that WordPress is displaying more ads from Google AdSense program.

Please refer to my previous post: Do you display ads on your blog?

What about you, have you noticed increasing in your ads revenue?

52 thoughts on “A note about WordAds Earnings”

    • Good luck, Jina. I just want to confirm that you don’t have to upgrade to self hosting blog in order to display ads on your blog. WP.com premium user can display the ads and share the earnings with WordPress.

      • Upgrading to self hosting WP doesn’t worth it in my opinion. Otherwise, if you’re talking about displaying ads on your WordPress.com blog as part of premium service, it depends on you. With more good traffic, you might get some returns. However, many, as you can see through comments here, are not willing to scarify the performance for small amount of earnings

      • alright, one more – two actually: how much traffic is enough? and, i don’t want to make a living out of it, but as you might know, a $100 here in Palestine is worth something – how much is little ?

      • I’m not sure about traffic amount. It depends more on the quality of the traffic. I think it counts after few months of posting with good amount of users are engaging with your contents.

        I don’t think you’re going to make a living out of it unless you’re selling ads yourself (different story). However, it helps in the total cost of hosting… Leaving money aside, I believe reasonable ads give more beauty to the website itself.

  1. I have only had my blog for 8 months and I upgraded to Premium September. When I got a .08 of earning in I couldn’t figure out what I did to make money, I wanted to duplicated it, last month I made . 21 cents. Now I understand more traffic more money. I am happy get that traffic. cheers

    • Yes, Kelly. The more traffic you receive the more earnings you get from WordAds or any other advertising medium. However, quality of traffic has its own effect too. Usually, US and Canadian traffic get the higher earnings.

  2. My attempted impressions jumped to 8252 from 3605 October compared to September but earnings decreased, 1.11 vs 1.33. Still, when payout is held, for good reason, until 100 is reached…. I will get the first check March 2025.

    • I see your point, Michael. I was thinking so. I had stopped the ads for around two months for this reason in addition to the performance reason. Now, I noticed an enhancements in the ads performance comparing to the earlier situation. So, I think if there is no negative effect on blog’s performance, displaying ads won’t harm. However, more traffic (and the quality of traffic as I explained in other comment) are important factors.

  3. By coincidence, I chatted to WordAds this morning. My ad impressions have been going up each month and yet payments have gone down each month! They have told me that it could be the quality of traffic and yet I have done nothing different except add more content each month and therefore more growth in traffic.

    • Well, I’m not sure about this situation, Roland. More traffic is good. However, they might not tell you this, I’m pretty sure that traffic from USA and Canada is the most affecting factor. I think with time and verity of topics things will get better

  4. You are definitely doing something right, keep going!

    I haven’t made substantial income from WordAds; my focus was more on writing to keep the blog a float. However, I am pleasantly surprised that am making between 0-30 a month.


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