A dominant or dominated?!

This is my first time I share in WP one-word prompt contest. I thought of many words related to “dominant“.


I thought of a lady wearing leather and holding a whip in her hand – I don’t talk about sex.
I thought of a country forcing its rules or economy over others – I don’t discuss politics.
I thought of a company controls our data and becoming our big brother – I don’t mean Google.
I thought of media – I don’t assume they are liars.

I thought of bad behaviors or social activities dominating our lives. I thought of drugs, wars, poverty, hostility, greed, …

I thought of many things, but I apologize that I couldn’t write about anything here! 😉


Mohamad Al Karbi

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  1. The image here reminds me of an incident where my class were doing a research topic on slavery. Our Internet system had safeguarding filters in place but on this occasion they didn’t appear to work very well and my eleven year old mixed students brought up some unfortunate images on their screens. It didn’t take very long for the headteacher (school,principal) to hear of this and I had a lot of explaining to do. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Think carefully before offering suggestions for search terms!

    • Hehehe, it’s funny but I can feel the misunderstanding, Sue…
      My daughter once was wearing red lipstick. She hugged me before leaving to work where I haven’t noticed the red print on my white shirt. When I reached office, my colleagues laughed and I had to leave and take that day off. Even if I spent the whole day swearing that this is done by my daughter, no one will believe it! 🙂


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