X1 Carbon Touch (2nd Gen)

The new X1 Carbon Touch (2nd Gen) – my experience / quick review:

The hardware & battery is really better than any thing else I used. The display (or screen) is very good but could be better. If you’re a Chrome browser user, you have to play a lot with display setting on Windows and Chrome settings to reach the best display! But this I think is Windows’ issue. Weight is at its best for the size of the laptop. Very fast yet I have a lot of heavy software installed. The good quality and high volume of Audio speakers are very noticeable. Touch screen is very responding.

I like the touchpad very much. I’m using to use Lenovo’s since long time ago so I like its keyboard too. However, there is a little difference in layout in comparing to previous or other versions of Lenovo’s. This caused me some problems in other language typing (e.g., Arabic). In related to keyboard, the settings of the adaptive keyboard need more flexibility. AND, I hate in that my fingerprints are always on the keyboard & touchpad!!!

As all ultrabooks, the graphic card isn’t for heavy related work!

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