Tasks Apps Basic Comparison

These are my notes to decide on using an app for managing my tasks and To Do lists. So they are not a real comparison… The applications I’m considering are: Todoist, Remember The Milk, and Doit.

todoistTodoist: Beautiful and fast UI. Repeated tasks are not being displayed in completed tasks section. “No due date” filter that shows the main task too (i.e., the one that has sub tasks); even if it’s with asterisk. This main task with asterisk can be marked completed too. Task note is for all tasks if they have “every” repeat. The task miss: repeat end time (until) and estimated time. Managing projects is easier here; but wish for a project description. Unfortunately, it’s not available on Windows Phone.

rtmRemember The Milk: UI is a little bit ugly. Task note is for all tasks if they are “every” repeat. No task attachments. No archiving for tags (in case they are used as projects). Archiving is only for lists. No individual task reminders. No sub tasks. Projects are not manged in direct or in easy way. There is no Windows desktop app and it’s not available on Windows Phone too.

doitDoit.im: is the best but the UI is bad and a little bit bloated with features. If I’m choosing a menu while adding new task and I hit back, I’ll loose what I’ve written as it exit the task. No decimals in repeating numbers (e.g., every 2.5 years). No repeat after so and so. No sub projects. There is no Windows desktop app and it’s also not available on Windows Phone.

Conclusion: I think I still prefer RTM. I found it more stable till now. But I believe that Todoist is being updated frequently and soon it might overcome Remember The Milk considering that RTM is slow in updating their service/app.

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