Why it’s important to share links on Google+

Google-Plus-ShThere are a lot of topics about the benefits of “Social Marketing” over the net. Among other social networks, Google Plus might be the best and most rewarding.

It’s very important for a blogger to share the link of their new blog post on Google+ for the following reasons:

  • Your link will appear immediately on Google search through the G+ post. Moreover, it’ll be at the top of search results.
  • Your link will be open for more +1s. The more +1s your link gets, the higher its ranking is. Nothing official in this regard though.

A link will get +1 through one or more of the following:

  • Each sharing of the link to Google+.
  • +1 on the G+ post that contains the link (or sharing it).
  • +1 on the blog post itself through the official button of Google+. (see also my Letter to WordPress)

SO, start auto sharing your blog posts to Google Plus. AND, follow people with similar interests and give them +1s. They usually pay the favor back and +1 yours.

99 thoughts on “Why it’s important to share links on Google+”

  1. I have a question. If I have previous posts in my Blog, will I need to individually share them each separately to have them on Google +? I am thinking I will have to manually share the older ones but the new ones will be shared when I start the auto share on Google + in WordPress. Am I right?

  2. I meant stories in categories of my WordPress blog. I do have a Medium account that I am not as active in, yet. That could be considered as a second one. I shared the first Trust Your Gut story there, and have 2 fictional pieces in the medium account, that are not published on my WordPress blog. I am also a dot com, not a dot org WordPress Blogger. I am expanding my horizons as I work on my dream of writing books. I have started thinking about short stories to write more creatively in the Medium account.
    Here is the link for the Medium Account, in case you want to check it out. I hope it is OK for me to share it here.
    As you wrote about the blogging world revolving around likes and clicks and followers, I am hoping that you like my fiction as well as my blog on WordPress.
    Thanks for reading and supporting other Bloggers. And thanks for the tips, too! 🙂

    • Of course, it’s ok, Tish, to post your link here. I’m glad to know about it and I’ll do my best to read some of it soonest. Thank you for your kind words and I wish you all luck in publishing your book(s). You should let’s know upon doing that 🙂

      • What I like about Medium is at the top of a story, it gives an estimate based on the word count of how long it should take you to read the stories. They are less than 5 minutes, so far, and only 2 new stories are new if you follow my blog. It will not take anyone long to check it out. Thanks in advance! 😀

  3. I love all the stuff you post! Thank you for following (: I’m very new to this but happy to find a place to share my writings. I hope I find more readers! If you really do like any a share would be amazing!


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