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“Facebook Likes” might not be as important as Google +1s. Please refer to my post: Why it’s important to share links on Google+. However, it is still a good way for promoting your post(s). Honestly, engagements on Facebook pages are limited without paying money. So, I thought of this idea and I hope it works well:

I made a Facebook group named “Promote Your Blog Posts”. You may share the link of your blog post there. You may also try to like one or more of the links shared by others in this group:

Hopefully, our blog posts will get more FB likes through this… [I stopped the group till i configure it up in a better way. I’ll update you]

P.S., in case you noticed that your link isn’t showing correctly on Facebook or the count of likes isn’t correct, try to fetch the link’s information again on:

26 thoughts on “Get more Facebook likes for your post”

  1. I am not a fan of social media….however, it keeps getting put in front of me. So, now I am discovering how to use social media.
    I have had an inactive/deactivated facebook acct for many, many years and I just started utilizing it a few months ago. Oh what a learning curve!!! I am not a fan of fb and would prefer to use Google+, however, each time I go to Google+, I get so frustrated, cuz I do NOT understand it!
    So, is it just me? Or is Google+ not very user friendly? Thanx for your input.

    • Thank you Ren. Unfortunately, Google+ isn’t as user friendly as Facebook or Twitter. However, it has the best features of both. What we need from it mainly is to get +1 for our links. So, just setup your WordPress to auto post your new posts to G+ and enjoy this benefit. Don’t worry about other things. I almost believe that all are using G+ to promote their business only.

      I’m also not a big fan of Facebook and I won’t ever love it. But i have to use it because it’s the dominant and it has all my friends and family – to keep in touch with them


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