USA and Syria

broken-heartI loved her so much. Words (no matter what language is used) can’t describe my love. I’d simply say that she was the one that I was dreaming of since I was a kid.

We had to break up; she is an American and I’m a Syrian!

We are different on many levels: Language, culture, religion, social norms, habits, wealth,…
Unless it’s supported by similarities of those, love lasts few months only!

Updates: This is not my story. It is the story of Syrians living abroad (USA, Canada, Europe, …). I’ve heard it and read about it many times!

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  1. Unfortunately, that is true in many cases. Some people are strong enough to make compromises on every level, some are not even though the love is there. Falling in love is a feeling, staying in love is very hard work, and any differences on top of that often crush it to death.

  2. Boy, do I know that feeling, and she wasn’t even from another country. She was a California Malibu beach girl and I was a cowboy from the mountains of Colorado. We were crazy about each other. But there was almost no middle ground, at least not nearly enough to build anything on.
    Too bad.
    But God always has a plan. Someplace out there is that one person that fits you in ways you’ll never understand. For me, it turned out to be my wife, Julie. I’d just come back from the Gulf War, discovered I was a single parent, had a streak of PTSD a mile wide, and if I hadn’t hit bottom yet, I could sure see it from where I was.
    I walked into my attorney’s office and there’s this dark haired beauty I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Turned out she was exactly what I needed and still do.
    All that to say it works out, and always for the better.

    • Thank you, William. Yes, God has His own way (plan). With time, we realize that things turn to be better. I’m glad to hear that you’re living happily there. My greetings to Julie and your family.

  3. Beautiful and very powerful sharing.
    Thank you….. and I’d like to share something.

    Although your story may have been true at the time,
    for I presume this was not recently…..
    Times have/are changed.

    I am now a firm believer that:
    No longer can we base our lives, from our past.
    What was true today, may not be true tomorrow.
    What was not true yesterday, may become true today.
    No longer will history repeat itself!
    Everything is changing.
    Everything HAS changed.
    Hugz 😀

    • Wonderful, Ren. Thank you for your kind poem. Yes, time has changed and what we thought that we can’t live without, it turns out that we really lived without! Though, they are beautiful moments.


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