Scary Night!

It is the strangest thing ever happened to me! I said once, I’m not the best at telling stories. However, I warn you that this one isn’t for faint hearted.


One of our colleague was absent from work for a while. Me and a friend decided to pay him a visit to make sure that he is doing well. We never believed the rumors about his kid.

We arrived there. Things seemed OK except for our colleague who looked pale. “Everything is under control!” were the words that he kept repeating often then…

Insisting on serving us coffee, he left to the kitchen next to where we were sitting. He had already informed us that no one else is here; his wife left the country with their kid! When he entered the kitchen, we heard a loud noise breaking the surrounding silence… Something big had fallen on the ground!

My friend looked at me surprisingly and nod his head as to go to the kitchen to check up… But, suddenly, we saw a kid coming out with a knife in his hand and it seems it has blood on it…

Instead of heading to the kitchen, we ran in the opposite side… It seems that we were panic and forgot where the entrance is. The window was the only thing that is facing us. Without hesitation, my friend jumped out of the window and I was trying to follow… but…. upon jumping, I fell off my bed and woke up!!

What a nightmare!!! hehehe

Many thanks for Peter to allow me using his photo:

64 thoughts on “Scary Night!”

  1. I hate dreams like that!
    My worse dreams unfortunately have one foot based in reality. They’re the ones where I’m up to my eyeballs in a gunfight, or pinned down my machine gun fire. And I discover that I’m out of ammo, or worse yet, lying in the mud in my PJs.

    Then I spend the next minute or two trying to separate reality from the dream.

    • That’s totally strange. Yes, they are based on reality in someway… And it takes time to realize they were dreams. The worse is when we keep memorizing them for hours or days! Thank you, William and I wish you always happy and sweet dreams.


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