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After spending some time on WordPress, I realized the importance of back links for blogs owners. Since that a lot are doing the same, I’m going to do it too. If you have a blog, you may please post its URL and title in a comment here; a short description is a plus.

Discussing this with WordPress Technical Support, they confirmed that links in comments are coded to be “nofollow”. I understand hence that a link to your blog in a comment doesn’t technically differ from recording a like to the post. However, it’s still an opportunity to know other bloggers and increase our community.

Update – May 25, 2023

This post was published on February 18, 2017 and it was one of my top commented post ever (over 600 comments). I’m just closing it now (May 25, 2023) as there is no need for such posts any more. As you may already know, I initiated “MK Blog Directory” section for this purpose. You can promote your blog through it. Visit the section and click “Add Listing” to submit your blog site details if you haven’t already done it – totally free.

614 thoughts on “Promote your blog”

    • Thanks for letting us all connect through your blog!

      I want people to be able to feel what I feel and see what I see and through my travel blog I hope to achieve just that. Traveling runs through my blood. It’s something that makes me whole. Take a look at my blog to follow tips and stories of my travels.

  1. Thank you for such a platform!

    I want to share the music that I’m enjoying with people looking for new music that they might miss out on in their day to day life. I’m currently a student studying music business and my blog reflects the hugely diverse range of music I’m open to! Hope someone enjoys some of my posts!

    • Hey guys🙋
      I started my blog 2 weeks ago and would love some feedback and advices. Below is one of my last posts:
      I write about my best years of life, that was my childhood and the next posts will be talking about my life in overall, untill today. Feel free to check my others posts, and live a thumbs up if you liked it. I’ll do the same for you. Really apreciate and thank you in advance. Happy reading 😄

  2. If you enjoy reading, words, writing, you’ll find something of interest on my website at There, I do a weekly post on word choice, aimed at writers and students of English language. I also post on my progress with current work on novels. And I review the books I’ve read. From time to time, I allow my passion to overcome my common sense and have a rant about social injustice.
    Please, pop along and join the thousands who follow the site. Join in discussions and comment on posts. I welcome all who love language and the power of words to inform, educate and transform.
    Thank you for this opportunity, Mohamad.

    I am here at wordpress to spread postivity to the extent i can as this wonderful world needs it alot.thank u Muhammad for providing your blog as platform as these little deeds of kindness matters is link of my blig kindly read it and like it.thanks

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