No Flickr after May 25, 2018!

Sorry for being away for a while. I was in Jordan for some medical treatment (for my wife)…

FlickrIcon Just a quick note about an old post of mine: Save storage space on your blog, Flickr has agreed to be acquired by SmugMug. Thus, I’m not sure if my old post will be valid in regard to Flickr point!

I’m not sure too if I’m going to accept that my pictures being moved there. For me, this is a big loss!

48 thoughts on “No Flickr after May 25, 2018!”

  1. Oh no, I hope she’s ok?!
    Yes, I too am worried about the Flickr / SmugMug thing. I use Flickr quite a lot and am not sure how it’ll work in Smug.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

      • May I suggest ‘duplicating’ your photos on Flickr, at least until you’re sure what you want to do? I did that with my WordPress posts and started afresh on Medium, then decided I’d keep both going because they’re different platforms. Perhaps that could work for you as well?

      • Yes for sure. I have additional backup on Google Photos that I’ll keep till things become clear. SmugMug might do something good after all – who knows! Thanks for the advice

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