My Home Town Cookeville TN USA – Area Parks & Recreation

This time of year the people in Middle Tennessee USA are graced with the beauty of fall leaves in thousands of colors. Nature’s one last hurrah before winter sets in, autumn leaves provide the palette of gold before everything turns silver.

Fall is the time to plan for next spring and summer. Any trip longer than a day trip requires planning and reservations to get the full extent of what the area has to offer. With all of the lakes, forests, and farmland of Middle Tennessee, finding a beautiful place to visit is a piece of cake. Summer Quilt and Craft festivals, Hay Rides, Haunted Forests, and other events draw folks from all over the country.

Finding an area within 50 miles of Cookeville Tennessee is easy no matter which direction you set out. From City Parks to the County Recreation areas and State Parks with cabins and camping, everyone can find entertainment and fun. Though the Great Smokey Mountains National Park is more than 50 miles from Cookeville, it is a favorite place to see the colors and wildlife of fall.

If you are looking for a place to have a quiet lunch, paddle boats, fishing, movie in the park, or local theatre productions, you can find a fall retreat or make a plan for spring.

House in the Mountains

So don’t forget nature when you are planning fall 2017 and spring/summer 2018!

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