Are you into Arts and Culture?


I have to keep up to date with accounting‘s because accountancy is my profession. I have to do the same with technology; I’m CISA.

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Does it make me less educated, less smart or less attractive, if I’m not into Arts and Culture’s?!

P.S., I read political news… I also visit cafes every now and then!

21 thoughts on “Are you into Arts and Culture?”

    • Thank you, William. I remember my grandpa who was too much into arts and culture. I remember how everybody was longing to spend time with him and listen to his stories and information he used to preset at gatherings.

  1. Mohamad, art is everywhere. It’s in the sky, the shape of a shadow, the numbers you crunch… When they say “Art is in the eye of the beholder” they are right. Enjoy colors and sequences and the smile on your family’s faces. Enjoy the dancing scamper of a squirrel, the gorgeous architecture around you, the nuances of photos you’ve taken. Hear the music of the city’s sounds. The only way to escape art is to deny its existence.

    For goodness sake, have you ever thought about Creative Coding as an art? Even computers can be programmed in an artful way. Realize that your writing here is an art. You don’t give yourself enough credit. Just because you don’t frequent museums or play an instrument, that does not mean you don’t appreciate and create art. It’s all around you. It might surprise you to know what YOU are an artist. You enjoy the art of bringing diverse people together in a happy way and we are all the better for it. ❤️

    • Wow, Linda. Very expressive and lovely – as usual. You made my day reading this. What a wonderful advice that touched my heart and raised my hopes… Thank you, my friend.

      It’s strange how arts are part of our lives to the max that leaving it is as if we’re denying ourselves! Honestly, I haven’t thought of my work as an art. However, I’m always trying to enjoy it and do it as fun not as an obligation. I think it’s similar to think of it as art, isn’t it!

  2. There’s not enough time or money to pursue absolutely everything, so do what makes you happy and keeps you sane. People are always going to have prejudices about another person’s interests. You can’t please everybody, so please yourself.

  3. Mohamed, from your love of stories from Around the World, and from your many lovely eloquent comments on my blog and others, I think you DO enjoy the arts and culture. It goes well beyond just looking at paintings or listening to music.


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