How to monetize your blog

Earning money from your blog isn’t a difficult issue. As I have been asked many times about this, I’m summarizing some points in this regard.

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If you’re a premium user of, you can run their ads. Unless you have good traffic, this might not generate a lot of revenue. Please refer to my previous post “Do you display ads on your blog?”. Users of Blogger, and other platforms have more options of ads to run – such as Google ads or Amazon’s. Just be careful that a lot of ads might have negative impact.

You can also sell advertising spaces on your blog. For example, you can add an image in one of the widget areas letting people know that this space is available for ad slot. This image can be linked to your contact page – and those interested in purchasing this ad slot can settle things with you. They’ll need to provide you with the required banner image for ads, which you can place in the widget areas. I’m doing the same – check here for details.


There are a lot of affiliate programs that pay good commission (cash or non-cash). For example, Amazon, WordPress, Dropbox, … You can easily display the referring links on your website or use them within your posts.


You can also sell a reblog or a post about a product/service. However, this depends on the numbers of readers your blog has and their interests. Again, be careful, too much of reblogging might have negative affect on the reputation of your blog.


Your blog is the best place to sell your own products or services. For example, writing, programming, translation, …

Don’t forget that with time and more traffic, your domain name could worth a fortune. I sold one of my websites once for a good amount of money due to the reputation of its name!

50 thoughts on “How to monetize your blog”

    • Thank you, Franci. Do you mean my own spaces? Nothing special. I only mentioned the size of banners on the Offers page. But in general, it depends on your preferences. That’s, you might prefer a specific type of sites to be displayed on yours – not gambling’s for example. Also, the dimension and size of the banner you want to display. The less in size the better for loading…

  1. Mohamad, how timely this post is! A friend of mine who is just starting on WordPress asked if it’s possible to make money by selling things on her blog. I will pass this on to her! All the best to you, my friend!

  2. For now, I’m just trying to get back into the writing groove I used to have. This was a great post, but personally, I don’t think it’s worth trying to monetize a blog until you have a decent amount of daily visitors. I think this is one of the first things advertisers look at – your stats. I’ve tried affiliate marketing in the past, but again, a person won’t make any money unless they have enough traffic to see the ads. And are using the correct ads for their target audience. Just my two-cents! 🙂

    • I totally agree, Melissa. I believe the key is to have good traffic from outside WordPress too. Blogs on WordPress have two types of visitors: WordPress users and Outsiders. WordPress users mostly read your posts only – affiliate links within the posts could do it here. Outsiders are visiting your main website – banner ads could be better here.


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