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TwitterAdsThere are a lot of topics over the net about how to drive or increase traffic to your website – free and paid methods. On WordPress, engaging with others might be the one with best results. Social networking is very important too such as sharing and engaging with people there through groups (Facebook), communities (Google+), boards (Pinterest), … etc.

I wrote previously about the importance of Google+. I might write about the other points in future posts.

Here, I’m only emphasizing the importance of Twitter ads’ that is not free yet affordable. My goal is not to drive (increase) traffic only but also to keep it stable. A lot argue that this is very good from SEO perspective or, let’s say, website ranking. However, this method doesn’t necessarily produce more engagements with the contents of the site.

Off topic: There are a lot of factors affecting ranking of a website such as number of visits, traffic locations, traffic sources, bouncing time, …

Twitter Ads

Set up your campaign, select the audience, define the budget, and then choose the creatives (campaign tweets). That is all and the campaign is created…

With daily budget of $0.5 on “Website clicks or conversions” campaign, I usually get around 60 visits to the site. However, this actually depends on other settings…

Better ranking comes usually from US and Canadian traffic. If targeting the locations of audience to USA and Canada only (expensive locations), cost per click increases and thus less visits/clicks than the option of all available locations. I believe the best optimization here can be figured out in one or two days.

One important note: Since that the goal is website clicks, try to avoid clickable text in your campaign tweets. That’s, hashtags, @usernames, and links other than your website’s.

So, what methods do you use to drive traffic to your website/blog?

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  1. Traffic is very important and once people arrive that they will hopefully comment and follow your blog. That second part is the most difficult. Paid traffic is always going to be the easy part. I think that any blog post that you promote needs to have a call to action at the end to encourage people to sign up to follow your blog.

  2. I’ve never used an ad to send people to my website, though I have tried some to drive book sales (with limited results). For my website I just link to it on all my social media sites, and it’s in my email signature too.

    • Thank you, Carrie. I believe this is enough especially with good amount of connections on your social networks. Ads usually have limited results. However, as my site is relatively new, I want to increase traffic during the days that there are no new posts. The goal is stabilizing the traffic amount – for rating purposes.

    • Personally, I find Twitter satisfies my needs here though I haven’t tested the differences thoroughly. I use Facebook advertising for promoting engagement on FB post itself

  3. While y blog is personal use only, I feel engagement is key. Keep your followers in the loop by acknowledging their comments and/or interest in your product. Also, sharing across other social media platforms helps spread the word. I like Twitter because of the vast reach. I have a set up where my blog automatically goes to Twitter and is shared by other Twitter members several times a day.
    Also, if you want organic reach, is a great site for spreading your wings. It is based out of Madrid, Spain and is free to join. I am not an employee of beBee but I am a Brand Ambassador for them. What’s nice about beBee is that it’s draw is in many countries and with several languages spoken. If you have any questions about beBee, my site is

    • Thank you Melissa for your kind words. I’m a big fan of Google Plus too; it’s the best of Twitter and Facebook but unfortunately there are no much users. Still a good tool for website owners. That’s, ranking…

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