Does your blog need terms & conditions of use?

Terms & Conditions

Let’s know what you think …

Unlike normal websites, we might don’t have full access to (and control over) the data in ours (WordPress and related Plugins)…

Personally, I’ve already made my own:

Terms and Conditions

(P.S., I don’t mind if you copied the terms. I also welcome suggestions)

30 thoughts on “Does your blog need terms & conditions of use?”

  1. Mohamad, I absolutely love the paragraph about respect. This is a great idea. Being new to all of this, I hadn’t even thought about the need for this type of thing. Thanks so much!

  2. Hmm, I never thought of having terms and conditions of use for my blog. I’ll have to think on that. The only thing I would say about your terms is the idea of changing something in a contributors piece without notification. Just a “just to let you know” notification would probably be received much better. Just a thought. You may have a reason behind the term that I am not aware of, so feel free to let me know of just ignore the thought.


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