Staying strong in the face of rejection

Life sets us up for a fail. From the get-go we’re taught that the hero always wins, the princess will get her prince and fortune favours the bold.

What we’re not taught is the reality; life, sometimes, stinks.

Sometimes you don’t win. Sometimes the prince gets away. Sometimes you get your butt whopped by life.

And to no other cohort does this happen more regularly to than the ‘Creative’. By the ‘Creative’ I am of course referring to the delicate writer, the intuitive actor, the graceful dancer, the trusting songstress, even the daring freelance accountant. Whomsoever you may be, you are a ‘Creative’ and you live in a magical fairy-filled world where good always triumphs. Which makes it oh-so more difficult when you face reality’s hard truth;

Sometimes, you will be rejected.

By whom? The editor who knocks back your manuscript. The make-or-break acting gig that goes to someone else. The record label that turns down your demo tape. The firm who only take juniors with twenty years of experience and a portfolio of existing clients. Rejection, rejection, rejection.

But my little ‘Creative’ ones, I’m here to bring you hope.

Do. Not. Give. Up.

Yes, you will be rejected in life. Because that is life. What you need to remember is that rejection happens to you. Rejection is not you.

There are a myriad of reasons why you might have been rejected; the editor in charge of reading your manuscript had a headache and only glossed over your work. The casting director in charge of hiring the star for the new commercial gave the part to her cousin instead of you. Or maybe, just maybe, your work wasn’t good enough this time. But that doesn’t mean you give up.

It means, rejection has happened to you. You as a human being, were not rejected.

You as a human being are not rejected.

You are not rejected.

Go forth. Do not give up.

Reject rejection.

*I am a writer and frequently rejected. In a stunning turn of events, and to prove my point [never give up] I was asked by the very talented Mohamad Al Karbi, to guest blog. I took this as my chance to share my motto with everyone else out there. Go forth. Do not give up!

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Many thanks to Mohamah Al Karbi for having me!

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