All roads lead to Rome

I’ve been to Rome many times. A lot of my friends and colleagues keep asking me why I repeat my trips to Italy.  I have no answer. There is something in my heart about it. I adore Rome…

I enjoy walking in streets and engaging with people there. Living the experience and not only sights-seeing.

What about you, do you repeat your trips/places?

104 thoughts on “All roads lead to Rome”

  1. I agree; Italy AND Rome are wonderful – I, too, have visited Rome – and especially Italy many, many times. I really recommend Firenze and Venice, too. The latter is an absolute must-see destination, so if overseas visitors, should maybe do a round-trip.
    I recommend getting up very early and walk around Rome and Venice, before it becomes overly crowded with tourists, so that you cannot see the pavements, facades and sights. In the morning you meet the locals.
    Happy travelling to all.

    • Thank you very much, Marina. I totally agree, Firenze and Venezia are amazing too. I never faced the problem of crowded with tourists as I mainly visit Italy in Winter – low tourism season! However, I think Florence is crowded in all seasons

  2. Although this isn’t nearly as exotic as Rome, my family and I vacation annually in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The beach is beautiful, the sand is hard and smooth enough to ride your bikes or jog on, there are over 100 miles of off road, family-friendly bike trails, decent restaurants and lots of sun. It’s a perfect place to vacation with family.

  3. I would be glad to experience Rome. I have never been their at all. I can just see the food the culture and just being able to explore and learn history their as well.

  4. ROME!!! We were in Rome this November! We absolutely loved it!! Such a beautiful and historic city. We went to several countries in Europe. London is one of those cities where you want to keep going back. Mostly because it feels like home but also because I want to explore every corner of it !!


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