A Pleasant Faith

I’m not very religious man nor am I a strict Muslim. I don’t go to Mosque frequently…

However, there are times when I’m anxious and full with worries. I’m a human, a father, a Syrian… I have debt… I’m getting older… A lot are depending on me… I fear the future and have concerns about surviving the presence.

During such times when I hear Azan (the call for prayer in Muslim countries), I find myself heading to the mosque… That simple mosque at the corner of the nearby street… I spend some time there praying… alone with my God… crying and nobody but God is witnessing my tears… The only open door where all others are (or seem to be) closed.

Knowing that He took care of me all over my life and He won’t leave me now, there is nothing to worry about. I’m with my Creator. The Creator of everything per a well-defined measure, the omniscient and most merciful.

Trust me, the pleasure and relief one feels then worth the entire world. Nothing else can compete with such moment.



54 thoughts on “A Pleasant Faith”

  1. I’m glad you find comfort in the mosque. I feel a similar comfort, a feeling of well being when I visit my church, something I seem to do less and less these days.It feel like coming home after being away for a very long time. Thank you for sharing.

  2. We are all one in this struggle Mohamad, there is so much division and strife in the world. I feel anxious and worried at times, and I think the call to prayer reminds us how much our Creator cares for us. His mercy endures forever.
    Thank you for sharing this, I feel encouraged. 🙂

  3. The greatest of faith is love and humility ;Dear Mohamad, i felt the sincerity in your written words and you are not alone in worries about increasing responsibilities in a world where the chances of many people are getting slimmer; be comforted that many people around the world through this medium has felt your kindness reach them through the long distances they couldn’t travel to meet you in person but God’d light shone on you, reflected peace , tranquility and love to many who read your blogs and others you communicate with. We all have you in prayers my brother!

    • Oh, thank you very much, my friend. I don’t find the appropriate words to thank you. I’m very grateful for your kind words. They are of real help… Hope all would have happy and peaceful life.

  4. For me liife’s a roller coaster ride, with all it’s chills, thrills, and moments when we cannot get off the track. We all find our way of understanding it and getting back on-track. I always find comfort in the thoughts of how to simplify expectations from my life and passing life – tests, eventually.


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