A Pleasant Faith

I’m not very religious man nor am I a strict Muslim. I don’t go to Mosque frequently…

However, there are times when I’m anxious and full with worries. I’m a human, a father, a Syrian… I have debt… I’m getting older… A lot are depending on me… I fear the future and have concerns about surviving the presence.

During such times when I hear Azan (the call for prayer in Muslim countries), I find myself heading to the mosque… That simple mosque at the corner of the nearby street… I spend some time there praying… alone with my God… crying and nobody but God is witnessing my tears… The only open door where all others are (or seem to be) closed.

Knowing that He took care of me all over my life and He won’t leave me now, there is nothing to worry about. I’m with my Creator. The Creator of everything per a well-defined measure, the omniscient and most merciful.

Trust me, the pleasure and relief one feels then worth the entire world. Nothing else can compete with such moment.



54 thoughts on “A Pleasant Faith”

  1. I am Christian, and I a religious man. I go to church frequently, read my bible daily, and pray constantly. And you hit it right on the head. I couldn’t imagine facing all the incredible issues in life and the world on my own.

    I recently went through a little challenger of my own. Confidence was shaken, and I was feeling very much alone. I went outside after praying and looked up at the stars. They hadn’t changed. And somehow that assured me that God was still looking out for me. That just gave me the strength to keep on moving.

    Thanks for the post. I can relate.


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