A musical day with me

musicaldayIn time of war, music is something else. This might be the strangest post I’ve ever written. I’m writing it with no plan in my head…

Please forgive the mess if any 😀

I started this Friday with a French song by Charles Aznavour:

This reminded me of a very famous Syrian singer Sabah Fakhri. He performs traditional songs only. Both Fakhri and Aznavour are dancing alike, aren’t they?!

Youtube suggested me then an Italian song that I’m used to listening to the last day of every visit to Italy:

Who doesn’t love Andrea Bocelli?! I dedicate this song to all lovers here on WordPress:

Italy and Love


Of course, love means Romeo e Giulietta – you have to watch the play:

So, it’s an international musical day! Yes… Every Friday’s morning, I dance with my daughter on this Irish music:

One post is not enough. I need additional posts to list more songs from Syria or other Arab countries. I might also list a lot of Country music that I adore. Have I mentioned the lovely Hindi songs? I listen to them often as I have many friends from India here in Qatar. Well, let’s leave this for… someday!

39 thoughts on “A musical day with me”

  1. What a wonderful post! Most enjoyable music you have shared.
    I have trouble viewing videos with my computer, so I only caught a glimpse of each song.

    When my adult son was a toddler and start to get upset, I would put music on. He would stop crying, go to the rocking chair, lay his belly and head in the seat and kick off with his feet….to the music.
    Music soothes.
    Thank you for your sharings…..

  2. Last night, this post of yours came to me….2 things I care to share.
    1 – My heart goes out to you in your time of war. I cannot imagine what it may be like. One day soon, there will never be war on this planet. The human race is growing up. Change comes slow and it is here now.
    2 – When you and your daughter dance Friday mornings, do you dance the Irish dance to the Irish music? What wonderful memories you both are creating. 😀

    • Thank you Ren. I’m really grateful for your kind and sweet words. Yes, it’s time for human race to grow up.
      Yes, my daughter dances Irish pretty well to the Irish music. As for me, I just jump… hehehe


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