A musical day with me

musicaldayIn time of war, music is something else. This might be the strangest post I’ve ever written. I’m writing it with no plan in my head…

Please forgive the mess if any 😀

I started this Friday with a French song by Charles Aznavour:

This reminded me of a very famous Syrian singer Sabah Fakhri. He performs traditional songs only. Both Fakhri and Aznavour are dancing alike, aren’t they?!

Youtube suggested me then an Italian song that I’m used to listening to the last day of every visit to Italy:

Who doesn’t love Andrea Bocelli?! I dedicate this song to all lovers here on WordPress:

Italy and Love


Of course, love means Romeo e Giulietta – you have to watch the play:

So, it’s an international musical day! Yes… Every Friday’s morning, I dance with my daughter on this Irish music:

One post is not enough. I need additional posts to list more songs from Syria or other Arab countries. I might also list a lot of Country music that I adore. Have I mentioned the lovely Hindi songs? I listen to them often as I have many friends from India here in Qatar. Well, let’s leave this for… someday!

39 thoughts on “A musical day with me”

  1. You’ve some cool songs up there. I love Andrea Bocelli (madly). Lol
    If you are looking for nice songs from Arab then you need to listen to Nancy Ajram’s songs. I can’t get enough of her.😊

  2. I’m so happy you shared all of this music, Mohamad! I love music so much and am always so interested in learning what appeals to others. I liked all of the pieces you posted, and am now imaging you and your daughter dancing to the Irish dance music. I’m not that bad at that, myself.

    If I had known you wanted to post about music before I would have nominated you for the Five Day Music Challenge I participated in a while back. Those five posts were among my favorite.

    • Oh, Cindy… Have I missed the chance to participate? I’ll check those posts of yours again…
      Music is very powerful mean that flies us away from our real world to a world of “heaven”… I’m very bad in dancing Irish and my daughter always got mad at me when we dance but at least it’s a lovely act of sharing.

      • Hi Mohamad. I wrote my music challenge posts (all 5) back in April. If you’re interested in them, you can find them by searching for “music challenge” on my blog, or searching my “Music” category, which contains all of my music related posts. I like writing about music, too.

        It doesn’t matter how great one is at doing a certain dance. It only matters if you are having fun.

  3. What an eclectic range of music, Mohamad. Charles Aznavour through Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman to Dean Martin are musicians I’ve listened to and admired for many, many years. I just adore Andrea and Sarah singing Time to Say Goodbye ~ a favourite I have listened to many times.
    The other artists you’ve highlighted are new to me, though opening to new styles can be very rewarding. I’ll enjoy your future posts.
    As for your daughter; what wonderful dancing (another love of mine)…. Well done to you. This will keep both of you very fit.. 😉 😉

    • Thank you, Carolyn. I can feel a chilly and refreshing wind touching my cheek when I listen to Time to Say Goodbye. Andrea is one my favorite too. I wish to attend any of his concerts. Sarah is doing great too. One might not get enough of some songs or music. I can repeat some many times a day – especially when I have hard work that needs a lot of concentration!!!
      Actually, we dancing Irish as a kind of exercise – lovely exercise. I’ll do my best to post more on this topic.


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