5 side business to boost your income in 2021

The previous year was not easy at all for most of us. The pandemic made it difficult for most people. Many lost their jobs and source of livelihood. So, to avoid a repeat, panoramic or not. Here are 5 side business to boost your income in 2021. These business are no brainer businesses you can start from your home. All you need is the basic skill set, internet or a smartphone. The basic skill set you may already have developed while doing a 9-5 job. So, it’s time supplement your income with these side businesses.

Online thrift sellers

One of the easiest side business to start is to be an online reseller. This is by selling stuff that you already own. So, if you have so many clothes that you no longer wear, list them for sale. You can easily sell such clothes on Ebay, or posh mark.

So many influencers use this as a source of extra income. They get so much clothes and accessories from PR that can’t really use all. So, they do a regular closet declutter to sort clothes to list for sale.

You don’t need to be an influencer to list your clothes for sale. This doesn’t just apply to fashion. If you have home wares in good condition, you can sell them too. You can also source for thrift clothes and homeware for sale for your store.

Although running an online business is a lot of work. If you put in the work, you will definitely make some income from this side income.

Cleaning services

One of the easiest of the 5 side business you can start in 2021 is cleaning services. This business is quite easy to start. So, if you love to clean and keep things neat, opt for this side business.

All you need is the passion and the materials to work. You can start with the materials that you own at home. Also, you can offer your services to family and friends to get the business started. If you do a good job for them, they will help you spread the work about your business.

You can also add some extra services to help you stand out from competitors out there. So, if you are looking for a simple side business to start, opt for cleaning services.

Sell digital products

Another side business you can start from the comfort of your home is selling digital products. Information is key for millennial. And we are in the age of information.

So many have made a lot of money from selling their knowledge via digital products. You will marvel at how many people are surfing the web to get information they need for their business or lives.

I have struggled to learn SEO for years. So many individuals have written about it for free yet I don’t get it. I finally got to understand SEO by purchasing a digital product by Wong. I needed this knowledge so I paid for it.

So, if you are enlightened in knowledge like child care, meal planning etc. You can make a digital product on this and put it for sale. It is super easy to sell digital products on sites like Amazon etc.

Food business

One business that will always be around is the food business. So many of us are so busy that we hardly have time to make food at home. Although nothing beats home made food. However, the rate at which people buy take out is increasing.

As working professional, all I want to do after a hard day of work is to eat and sleep. So, cooking is something I do mostly during the weekends. If you love to cook, you can start a food business.

You don’t need so much income to start a food business. Start small by either opting for a food truck or kiosk. Most average people don’t go to established restaurants to get their dinner. So, if you have your truck or kiosk close to place where a lot of workers pass through, it will definitely sell.

Digital marketing

The most coveted skill that businesses are willing to pay for is digital marketing. So many start up are struggling to boost their online visibility.

So, If you are skilled in digital marketing, you can start a business off it. You can render your services to start ups to help them grow their online business.

Also, you can offer social media marketing services to brands. Since we in the age of social media, so many businesses are getting onboard this trend. However, many lack this skill or would prefer to focus on the other part of their business.

So, if you’re looking for a side business to boost your income this year, try out this 5 side businesses. You can also read my post on 5 easy ways to save for your travel, if you need to travel more often this year. This tips are suitable for travelers for business purpose or as a career.

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  1. Interestimg..Both of my adult children are managers in digital marketing. One for a professional sports team and the other for political and commercial campaigns. It is a fascinating field.


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