Nature Heals

Often times, you can find me staring outside a window at work or at home, daydreaming about wanting to be outside.

Not everybody is like me, and I’m sure a lot of people enjoy the comforts of their own home and the modern conveniences we have. I know I enjoy phone apps, computers, television (when I can find time to watch it), indoor plumbing, and all kinds of things that we have. But… there’s still something inside my very skin that craves to be outside like nothing else. This feeling awakens from its winter hibernation around springtime – now! (I actually still have desires to be outside during the winter time, me acting on that desire is less likely than in warmer months.)

What I’ve found out is, nature is so great for de-stressing. As you know it, we carry a lot of stress inside us, and not enough people take the time to do something about it. There are many things that could relieve stress, sure, but nature is one of the key things that could beat it.

When you are in tune with nature, you are connecting to your core being – how the Creature intended you to be.

Picture 801
This is a beautiful nature pic from the Cotswold in England when I had the pleasure of visiting in 2011. I absolutely love these rolling, open hills and scattered trees.

Just to be in nature, walk, sit, meditate, frolic in nature, amongst the trees, flowers, sunshine or even rain… is healing. When my mind is racing, I can clear it by walking, thinking about my problem and sending light to it, talking to the trees or the angels about what’s on my mind and imploring help for healing and light. This is just what I do as a meditation with nature. Some people may not want to do this, but that’s how I communicate with nature. And guess what? It responds.

After a good walk in my back yard, which contains many beautiful, tall trees, I feel calmer inside. My mind isn’t racing. My soul feels like it’s cleansed itself a bit.

Even if I’m just sitting for five minutes, communing… gazing at the green leaves, doing my best to empty my mind of external thoughts, I will eventually come back inside my house (or work place) feeling refreshed.

The length of time you’re outside doesn’t even matter as much. If you can spend an hour out, great, but if you can spare only five minutes, those five minutes are worth it. If you go outside each morning for five minutes, you will go into your day with a calmer attitude and state of mind, which is the basis for a good day or a bad day, or especially the basis to your reactions to what occurs in your day.

Medicine heals your body when you’re sick, I completely agree. But nature has hands made by the spirit that heal on different levels, especially on the emotional and spiritual level. If you are cleansed on these levels, that will mirror back into your physical body.

Just like I previously wrote that you need five hugs a day to feel emotionally happy, you need to be in nature once a day. Winter is hard for me, because something inside me yearns to go outside, but I’ll sometimes tell myself no because it’s far too cold, and it gets dark quicker, so that doesn’t work around my schedule either.

But now, the flowers are in bloom, and my soul is, too!

With everything we have nowadays, a lot of us forget that nature is there. You don’t need to look up to view the sky to tell the time or know directions. You look down and see concrete more often than you see grass or dirt. You stare through windows at trees more than you get to be near the presence of the beautiful trees.

Has our society plotted against us to keep us away from nature?

We have succumbed to be where we are.

Balance is needed in all things. Bring some balance into your life by visiting nature as often as you can, and see how it affects your day for the positive. I’d love to hear about your experiences in nature! Has it ever seemed to help you?

This is from a South Carolina beach trip from 2010. Relaxing to look at!

Namaste with Love,

Celestial K.

50 thoughts on “Nature Heals”

  1. I wish, i could help to save the planet. But the only thing that we might do, is making some programs to enlighten people and increase their awareness to change their use to different resources, because nature is our oxygen! Hope the world can hear you, and read what you have written with regards nature,cheers!

    • I like your ideas to make programs to enlighten people and increase awareness. These are very much needed, and I’m thankful for the presence of some programs that have already been created. But knowing that makes me feel like I’m not doing enough, especially when I just wrote a blog about how I help situations through prayer and sending light and healing and etc. instead of more physical actions. One day, more physical actions, hopefully. Thank you for your kind words in the hopes that others can read what I write. Cheers to you, too!

    • Hi Hussein I just saw your comment and I wanted to tell you “You absolutely can help save the planet”!! I write a blog about climate and expanding awareness about the ways in which we can reduce impact and help the earth!

  2. My dogs make me walk in Nature every day, and I am grateful to them for that – it restores my sanity!
    Thank you for taking the time to visit and follow me and the storyhounds – we’re very happy to follow you back. 🙂

    • Awesome, Annabelle! I grew up with dogs. Now, we just have a cat – and we want more cats, and eventually a dog, but the time is not right just yet. In time. But dogs are a great way to let you know you need that exercise walking in beautiful nature! 🙂

  3. I love nature and love to be in it. It always is such a clear reminder that God made it all and He loves us so much to give us such beauty. My favorite is by water. I’m glad you find respite in nature. I agree with you on winter, though. I hate winter and going outside then is one of my least favorite things to do.

    • My favorite is by the water too! I used to live right near the Savannah River, and about 2 and a half hours away from the beautiful beach! But now… I’m landlocked in a city ahh! That’s what getting married does to you sometimes 😉 One day I hope to move near the water again. Anyway, you got me on a water tangent. Thanks for your comment and I totally agree with you!!

    • I’m glad you feel the call of nature, as well! Maybe you’re a fairy under your skin as well 😀 In another life, perhaps lol. It just feels internally great to go outside, like a sigh of relief. (As long as you’re not attacked by insects!)

      • 😀 wow you made me smile. I always thought I was different like I had the free wandering spirit but thanks to u 😊I like this idea of being a fairy under my skin. And I dont like the insects either!

    • Aww, thanks so much, friend! I’m very glad you can relate. Sometimes it seems like no one can relate to how I feel about nature, so I’m really glad you responded positively. Enjoy some nature!! 🙂


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