Moscow – Москва

In all parts of the World everyone knows that Moscow – is the capital of Russia, that in Moscow one can find the Kremlin, Red square and Lenin’s Mausoleum and many interesting sights to visit. In Moscow ancientness interfuses with contemporaneity, the solitude of reclusive corners – with the fuss of central squares. The city is like a powerful magnet attracts millions of tourists from all over the World.

If you are in Moscow for the first time, here are some tips on where to go:

  • Kremlin is a must for each tourist. Located on the bank of Moscow river it is a main sight and most recognizable symbol of the capital. Stone walls and towers, erected back in XVI century, not only defended the city but either adorned it. Today it is difficult to imagine that during five centuries Kremlin was white-stone and only back to XIX century it has gained its red color. The most popular tower out of 20 towers of the Kremlin is Savior Tower with main Kremlin gates and famous chiming clock. There are many ancient cathedrals on the territory of contemporary Kremlin: the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Archangel Michael Cathedral and Annunciation Cathedral. One of the most interesting museums of the Kremlin is Armoury Chamber with its rich collection of grand-ducal and royal treasures.

St. Basil's Cathedral and the Spassky Tower of the Moscow Kremli

  • Tretyakov gallery – the most famous art gallery in Moscow, possessing a huge Russian art collection. This cultural site justly run into the list of most visited sights of Moscow. It was founded in the middle of XIX century by entrepreneur and philanthropist Pavel Mihailovitch Tretyakov. In the historical building at Lavrushinsky lane there are masterpieces of ancient – beginning of XX century period and in the building at Krymsky Val the collection of contemporary XX century art is represented.


  • The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is the heart of Russian religious life of Moscow. The cathedral is located at Moscow Volkhonka street. The existing construction, which was built in 1990s, is the recreation of the eponymous temple, constructed in XIX century. The main services (including Easter one, Christmas service) are conducted in this temple. The Cathedral has a status of Patriarchal Metochion and presents itself as collective cenotaph of warriors of Imperial Russian Army, dead during the war with Napoleon. On the walls of the Cathedral there are the names of commanders, fallen at the war and foreign campaigns of 1797- 1806 and 1813 – 1814 year


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  1. Thank you very much, Elena, for sharing this wonderful information and photos. If I ever visited Moscow, I’ll contact you for sure. I’m very pleased and honored to have your post published here 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot. For my choice it is better to visit Moscow in May – September. Especially in September. Autumn by that time is already on, with yellow leaves like a carpet on Moscow streets, it is already not tiresome because of the heat… Yet it is not that frizzy.


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