Me and the Filipino language

I have wonderful friends from Philippine. And it happens that I have learned some Filipino words. So lately, I decided to practice these words… My plan was just memorizing few words and phrases that would make me shine when needed.

English vs Filipino

Last night, the work team in a fast food restaurant were from Philippine, and this is what happened:

I greeted the cashier “Magandang gabi”, which means ‘good evening’… With a frown on her face, she doesn’t respond at all… I understand that work load could make us tired by the end of the day…

Finishing my order, I thanked her “Salamat, ikinagagalak kitang makilala”… I was just trying to say nice to meet you. One of her friends then repeated loudly “hmmm, maqilala…”. I could immediately tell that there was something wrong. He approached me, telling me with an angry tone “Sir, what do you expect when you ask to meet my friend?!”

It turned out that I was telling her in some way (Due to vowel mistakes): ‘You’re a beautiful lady and I want to meet you!’

Her friends were around…
A policeman was at the corner…
My wife was on a near table…

Don’t worry, I’m still alive! Hehehe

3 thoughts on “Me and the Filipino language”

  1. Hmmm. I am a Filipino and I don’t see anything wrong with the words you used. I don’t see any vowel mistake as well. I’m assuming ‘they’ are assuming you are hitting on her… which is sad if that’s truly the case. Don’t give up on learning Filipino/Tagalog and keep on practicing! Happy weekend!


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