I’m not in love with dinosaurs any more

Yes, I’m not in love with dinosaurs any more. I just want to forget this part of my life.


When I was kid, I used to have a dinosaur as my pet! We were very close friends. But I had to let it go when it starts eating more than one person a day! My neighborhood refused to accept more than a person per day!

One of the most sad goodbye in my life…

We have never seen each other since then!

It’s April Fools’ Day – everybody lies today!! hehehe

To be honest, everyone lies everyday – there are exceptions of course. At least, we know it in this day; but we often don’t know in the other days.

18 thoughts on “I’m not in love with dinosaurs any more”

  1. Hmmm, I think I saw it walking into the Colorado State Capitol building a block away from where I work. Unfortunately, since politicians aren’t people in the traditional sense, it will probably starve in there.


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