Do you use Evernote?

Evernote_OneNoteI’m an Evernote pro user since 2011 and I love it. My whole stuffs are in my hand anytime and anywhere. Journals, notes, documents, articles, codes, files (not the large ones of course), health records, …

As I’m a big fan of Microsoft, I tried to use OneNote last year for good amount of time and I thought I might migrate to OneNote. Honestly, I couldn’t! But for sure, you won’t go wrong with any of those apps.

OneNote is totally free. It can do a lot and can replace Evernote. Its free style, i.e., one can write anywhere of the note, is preferred by many but not by me. Furthermore, I found it difficult without tags and pinned notes – OneNote’s tagging system has different approach that I don’t like. I also faced some difficulties in handling files and large notes. I’m getting back to Evernote and I wish they consider the following:


Believe it or not, I store a lot of my files on Evernote. However, moving a file from a note to another might sometimes result in losing the file. I’m also thinking of what if my files have increased beyond the monthly quota allowed by Evernote?! (even premium users have a limit). Relatively, when a note contains many files, scrolling is glitching on Windows desktop application.

A lot might argue though that Evernote wasn’t meant for files! Maybe… 😉


Printing on Windows desktop app is a nightmare when a note contains underlined fonts.

Right to left

Many languages such as Arabic are right to left languages. This isn’t fully supported. While I’m still able to paste from MS Word, this still has some shortages. I wonder why they haven’t applied a right to left button in the editor yet!

Google Drive

As part of being hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform, Evernote utilize Google Drive in a very good way. However, for me, I prefer some other cloud services… Options are the key.

OneNote, on the other hand, supports better Arabic on their desktop application (only). However, synchronizing isn’t as fast or reliable as in Evernote too. I also prefer text scanning on Evernote over the one provided by OneNote or Office Lens.

The main advantage of OneNote over Evernote is the price. If you can’t handle the download/upload limit on free Evernote, OneNote is totally free. I believe, sooner or later, OneNote will be included in Office 365! Microsoft is a greedy company… Anyway, you can still do a lot (free of charge) on Evernote.

Which service are you using? Do you utilize it for your blog if any?

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  1. I use Google Keep to write my blogs on my mobile as its easier for me to input Chinese on my mobile. Then I can share it with my husband for him to help me edit it. However recently the sharing function on Keep has been playing up, maybe its time to look for an alternative

  2. I have been using Evernote for quite a few years now. The FREE version mind you. It was great when I was using it for Real Estate. I was able to save Edited listings right to my Kindle and access it when I got to the property. I added notes on how the showing went and when an offer was discussed, I added all the conjoining notes to the listing so it was all kept together. Since getting our of Real Esate, I use it primarily for my notes and blog. Lunch Break Notes beacause they are Evernote Notes that I make on my lunch break.


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