Chillin’ in the West Indies (The Jamaican Experience)

Hello (What a gwan)

I’m Jo,  I’m grateful to Mohamad Al-Karbi for inviting me to share about my part of the world with you his fellow readers in his Around the world series. If you haven’t guessed by the greeting above. Let me properly introduce myself, I’m from a place where the spices can be hotter than the sun, beaches that are cool, clear and glistening, the people’s warmth and friendly nature can be so inviting (everything is NO PROBLEM MAN). Yes, I am from the little but talawah beautiful Island of Jamaica (that little dot smacked in the middle of Cuba and Haiti (approximately 145 km south of Cuba and 160 km west of Haiti to be exact).  This piece of paradise has a land mass of 11,000 km and hold a population of about 2.811 million people currently.


…..sing with me my favorite JCDC Winner festival song (Woiii  fi mi island a boom, Wooii Jamaica island a boom, I think I mostly like the chorus |  call me a classy ratchet)

Back to why I’m really here, to tell you just exactly why fi mi island a Boom, Ha. If you have been here before, well even if you haven’t you would I’m assuming still be familiar with pexels-photo-197465these five things Jamaica is known for, in no specific order, our beautiful women, music,  sports, food, and beaches. A visit to Jamaica should include all five or at least four to truly enjoy that Jamaican experience and all it offers. There are many ways to truly enjoy my wonderful Island, but if you are looking for that true Jamaican experience, Please check out eventualitytours, tell her Jo sent you upon booking, I promised you will not be disappointed, certified professional tour guide every step of the way and the real true Jamaican experience ( no lock down in hotel thing). What is this true Jamaican experience Jo, you may be asking? Well, let me take you on a tour, my first time giving a tour on paper. Please tell me if I made it come alive for you.


You have now arrived in Jamaica (plane land,  baggage claim and shuttle ride to hotel is underway), you stare to the left  and your eyes meet the lush of greenery otherwise known as bush  here in Jamaica and now if you look to the right, yes that is a lady running down the bus with the juiciest mangoes you have ever seen, this is called country life, or so the Kingstonian like myself call it, ha.  Breath in that clean crisp air, yes the joys of being away from the city life here in Ocho Rios, that’s the ocean breeze blowing in, can you smell the ocean, I know you all can’t wait to dive in. beach-1029014__480 You have now arrived at your destination, unloaded and went off to your room, to make a quick change as the vacation has officially started.  It’s a three-day vacation and there is no time to be wasted, we want to make sure we soak it all in. I’m about to take you on a night into day tour, Do enjoy!

After a long day of traveling, checking in and out, it’s 5:00 and we are looking to enjoy some real Jamaican dishes for dinner, where are some local spot we can visit Jo?

Here is a list of places we can go:

Regular Road Side Shop (the most Jamaican experience you can ever get, as real as it gets)

Mongoose Jamaican Restaurant and Lounge that serves you quality made local dishes.

Bamboo Blu if you would like some local cuisine that is vegetarian-friendly with a to die for view(quite nice for evening out)

Oceans on the ridge is a good option if a little seafood is what you desired plus who can resist free WiFi and an amazing view (snapchat on deck)

Track and Record is a must go, especially if you are a fan of our sporting reigns or a sporting fan at heart ( to the world photos must be taken and Jo will have it no other way, ask me why)

Just to name a few, who said you have to stick with the hotel restaurants. However, please make sure you have arranged a tour guide before hand or found a tour guide on arrival that is certified and is able to take you around or keep you abreast on the places that won’t  lead to unfamiliar and unpredictable areas. It’s 10:00, the night is still young, it’s about to be turn up time, who is sleep again. Where are places we can surely dance the night away Jo?


We can choose from a list of the most carefree, just have a good time vibes,  listening to some Bob Marley to lovers rock with Beres Hammond to a little hardcore dancehall with Vybz Kartel and a mixture of soca, hip-hop, and R&B places. I’m positive it will be hard not to get on the dance floor and party like it’s nobody business and even harder to come off the dance floor.

A night at Margaritaville sports Bar and grill is a must, the crowd and music are always booming and it’s this most central to all hotels. Jerk chicken/pork is always near!

Jungle, there are several bars to order drinks and different areas where you can choose the jungle fever you are feeling tonight. This is the night scene where it’s all about dancing and feeling the vibe until the wee hours of the morning.

Pier 1, a little journey out to Montego bay is where the most happening parties are kept, this location, seafood restaurant at day becomes the most energetic nightlife, hosting  Appleton-sponsored parties and open mic night allowing for Pier 1 to be ranked one of the top notch places to be.

While there, one can visit Rick cafe. At this time of the night, an upscale lounge experience, where you will be pleased to be chilling in the West Indies overlooking their 35ft cliff diving, listening to some reggae and just moon gazing the night away. This is truly the life when the music can just take you away! Drunken on the rhythm and culture of our music and food at 5: 30 AM, it’s time to rest as tomorrow(well technically today will be filled with fun sea and sand, the adventures await.

What a night that was, but it’s about to be 11: 30  and adventures here we come! Few adventures are planned by the hotel and I would recommend taking those excursions, but if you so desire to venture outside of that Jojo got you covered on a list of excursions you can enjoy

Chukka Cove Adventures,  Swimming horse ride, zip lines and ATV ride( do you  really need more things to say yes )

Jamaica Dunn’s River Falls Snorkel Cruise, if you’re a water baby like me, then this will surely spark your fun buds,(yes I made that up, so what Ha!)

River Rafting can be so relaxing and scenery filled with a little history, Do make sure you use sunscreen but all in all just wonderful.

Frenchman cove, Blue Mountain, Devon House, Water land, Dacosta farms and many other attractions can be visited for all the fun and laughter and relaxation you need.

Exploring Jamaica though small in size, can be very entertaining and fun filled, you will need a vacation from this vacation, can’t say I didn’t warned you as this is only the northern end of Jamaica tourism attraction sites. There are other parishes like Portland, Kingston, St Elizabeth and Montego bay that is filled with these same attractions and more.

There you have it, the highlights of how an eventful night into day vacation would be here on my beautiful island. Do I have a career in being a tour guide? Did you see yourself here enjoying the locations I suggested? If so, plan a trip, take notations and please do enjoy the beauty my island has to offer. As I hand over the reign to Mohammad Al-Karbi, just know a nuff blessing and guidance I will be sending to you all ( Translation: Just saying thank you for this honor of  being a guest author and as well as to your readers for reading and  giving any form of interaction, I truly appreciate it ).

In true style, Go forth and travel the beauties of this world!

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  1. Thanks so much for your list of things to see and do! Me and a friend are about to go to Montego Bay next month and I will def. try Pier 1 and Rick’s Cafe that you mentioned. We’ll make sure to book a tour guide too. Thanks again for the helpful information!


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