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It’s nice for sure to have your own website; a personal web site with your own name. But building a website might be costy and time consuming. It requires efforts too to balance between design & contents. A good solution would be to use one of the blogging services out there such as WordPress or Blogger. These services usually provide almost everything you might need in a blog for free or for reasonable price. They serve as a webblog and as a personal website in the same time. Some might use them for business purposes though; there are a lot of examples here and a lot of business & professional templates/themes too. It’s interesting to know that huge amount of the world websites nowadays use WordPress.

WordPress (.com not .org)

It started in 2003 ( It could be the easiest way with very beautiful templates. I never needed to pay them anything. I knew my needs and WP served them well. However, you have to pay if you want to use your own domain URL or if you want some extra features such editing CSS of the template.


The good things:

  • Easy to setup and to launch.
  • Beautiful Templates.
  • Very good commenting system and social sharing options.
  • Their Android (not Windows Phone) app is very good and does a lot of things.
  • CEO (friendly)
  • URL supports Arabic titles.

The bad things:

  • Might be expensive for what you get.
  • Limited in widgets in comparing to
  • Widgets don’t support Javascript.
  • Without using a domain URL, statistics are limited.
  • In spite they allowed Google Analytics recently, it’s for paid service only.
  • Google Ads are not allowed.
  • WYSIWYG Editor doesn’t provide Right to Left option. But you can override this through HTML.
  • Third party commenting system are not allowed.

I emphasized here. Although is more flexible with more options & features, it requires a lot of efforts & updates. I prefer to build my own full website my way instead!

Blogger (I really love Google)

I was just testing it to see the difference. But I found myself moving totally to it and leaving WordPress. It’s owned by Google since 2003 ( I know there are a lot of talking about Blogger is going to be discontinued and that Google has the habit of shutting down services often. However, I think it received some updates lately and Google for sure benefits a lot from having it online and serving. So, don’t worry. The decision for closing this service might not happen at all. Remember that big companies usually offer you a time to download your data in such cases.


The good things:

  • Totally Free.
  • You can use your domain URL (if you purchased it).
  • You can use Google Ads.
  • It’s a service provided by Google! Thus, your blog is indexed into Google Search.
  • Ability to entirely edit the template and its CSS/HTML.
  • Widgets support Javascripts.
  • A lot of customization and tweaks are available over the net regarding Blogger.
  • Google Analytics are part of it.
  • Can be merged with Google+

The bad things:

  • Limited templates. This isn’t a problem if you know CSS, HTML, and Javascript.
  • It might be complicated at the beginning.
  • Social sharing options are not good. But again, everything here can be customized & edited.
  • Commenting system is bad. You can use third party ones such as Disqus.
  • The Android app is bad as if it wasn’t built by Google. For Windows Phone, as usual, Google is absent.
  • URL doesn’t support Arabic titles.

Some think that using Google+ or Facebook commenting system isn’t a good option. Moderating comments is difficult. You might also lose comments by changing the website or the domain (this can be overridden though). A lot of people also hate to use their social names to comment. Disqus on the other hand is very flexible and easier to take the comments everywhere.

Humans always seek the best and sky is the limit. After some time on Blogger, I felt the need to display more languages on my site and to add more sections other than blog posts & personal pages. This means the above are not enough. I had to build my own website and thus to design my own database. Half of the work was almost done as I had already designed my own CSS template and HTML & Javascrips works upon moving to Blogger. I also had the comments ready on Disqus. I just needed to find a Web Hosting; and I chose Web Wiz for their good reputation in hosting and reasonable prices. Now, my own website is alive and kicking 🙂

General notes about Blogs and Web Designing:

  • Be careful when you use/buy third party templates.
  • Third party commenting systems are better. They’re transferable and they make your database lighter.
  • Always backup your work. Relating to this, it’s good idea to keep HTML copy of your posts. For me, this might be safer than importing options (if available).
  • Try to understand how Canonical URL & Open Graph works.
  • CEO things might be important but it doesn’t affect crawling/indexing in search engines.
  • Too much ads render the page unreadable.

So, what is your preferred platform for blogging, for personal website, or for commenting systems?

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Mohamad Al Karbi

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  1. I have never liked blogger. It is just not for me. WordPress on the other hand is very easy to use. Not saying that Blogger is not. I just think that anyone can pretty much use wordpress

    • Unfortunately, I haven’t got the chance to test Google Sites thoroughly. I believe Blogger is the mostly used one. You’re still able to use it for building static personal web page too. For me, I started with WordPress; thus choosing Blogger when I moved over Google Sites made sense to me then

  2. I do not like to post through disqus usually and I hate facebook.
    Internet is full with similar articles. But honestly you covered the main points for this comparison between blogger and wrodpress in a very simple and direct way. Keep the good job

  3. I haven’t used blogger since college (~2011) so I can’t really compare. I remember always having to fix the HTML coding back then, and I never knew more than I could pick up quickly from google so I lost a lot of time that way.

    I love the social abilities we have on WordPress and the posting system makes intuitive sense. I didn’t realize they restricted comments from non-WordPress users though. Will have to look into that

    • Thank you Amanda for your comment. After around one year with my own site (ASP) and my own hosting, I’m getting back to For personal website, it’s the best solution for sure and all needed things are there. I’m worrying no more about the need to keep programming/plugins updated all time. However, I wasn’t able to bring all the posts’ comments back because they were on Disqus.

      Yes, I hated that in Blogger. That’s, the need to fix the coding many times… Things here are more stable. Just, one note though, guests can make comments on, but You can’t install Disqus or Facebook commenting system instead of the default commenting system. I don’t mind that. Actually, using the WordPress commenting system is much easier and convincing.

  4. Thank you sir for Such an useful blog. Please put some light on how to transfer your free blog to a self hosted site. I mean the process , steps to follow. Btw this is so informative blog.

  5. I am quite happy with WordPress. I don’t like the way they change things and often the new system is worse than the existing one. I really dislike the comment system on Blogspot and find it too difficult to leave comments so I don’t bother.

  6. Always wondered what the difference between the two. However, which one do you suggest. WordPress has most of what I want and I don’t need to upgrade if I don’t want to. It’s free. I have a Google+ profile for commenting and sharing only. So far, I like WordPress better.

    • There is no big difference. Blogger isn’t better than WordPress. I can assure you that WP is even more famous. Commenting system on WP is the best too. Google+ is needed in both cases to share the links of your posts for better indexing as explained in other place here. So, I believe you’re doing great, Crystal.

  7. WordPress’s free site was a great starting point for me. I ended up going with the .org account so I could have my own site. My friend, though, loves Blogger. I might have to try it out just to see what I think of it. Great post.

    • Thank you, Joanna. Blogger is very flexible in editing the design of your website. For me, it seems more professional but free. However, that requires a lot of efforts and technical experience to reach the most of it. Where things are more easier on WordPress. Not to mention, as I keep repeating, commenting systems and community here are much better than on any other platform.


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