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You’re most welcome if you like to write a guest post on my blog…

1- You may write about your experience with your current or previous WordPress’ theme. Not sure what to write? Please check this post for guidelines and WordPress Themes category archives for samples.

2- You may write about your city or a wonderful place you did visit. Please check Around the World category archives for samples.

Additional notes:

  • For better performance, try to avoid too many tags. 2 – 5 are enough.
  • SEO to be considered (at least one image, one heading H2, ..)
  • You may add a link to your blog at the end of the post.
  • It would be good if you could drop by during the day and say hi to visitors.
  • Try to write something about yourself on:

Non WordPress users: please refer to Advertise Page for Promotional Posts.

Kindly, contact me to arrange for the guest post(s) or if you’re interested in writing about other topics.

16 thoughts on “Be my Guest”

  1. I would like to write for my hometown of Cookeville, TN, USA as a guest on your Around the World blog.
    It just so happens that my county Putnam County TN, USA is celebrating its 175 year anniversary. There are lots of great vintage photos, as well as what’s new in our city.
    I appreciate your consideration.

    Darlene League intentowin


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