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22I know Microsoft and I use their products since I was young. I can say that they have something in my heart! When Android came, I found myself going more into Google products like many others. They are wonderful especially on Android’s. I even lived with Chromebook as my main laptop for one year. Never thought I might get back – This is another story.

(Read about my experience with Chrome book in my Chromebook vs Windows post)

Three months ago, I got the chance to restore my emails into ( So, I decided to move on and use more of Microsoft’s. I start to move things into, MS calendar, OneDrive…. P.S., I’m in love with Firefox; this doesn’t count 🙂

Upon having my Android phone being stolen last week, I decided to buy Windows Phone as my first phone here. It was Nokia Lumia 930. The device is more than wonderful in all aspects: screen, camera, color, weight in hand,… The way apps and system are being merged together in a consistent way is more convenient than on Android.

I was enthusiastic to try it and to find the apps I used to use or the alternatives. I came into these points:

First, Contacts/People. On Android’s, I have the option to add as many phone numbers and emails to a contact as I want. However, on (and thus on Windows’ phone), only three are allowed per person (alternatively, you can create another contact and merge the two).

Second, Applications. Not all apps on Windows phone are up to date. That’s, some of the important apps are not being updated comparing to Android. Related to this, some apps have more features on Android’s than on Windows’. In rare cases, some important apps are not there. A lot of respected companies have their own applications on many platforms. Of course for Google, the case is different as Google and Microsoft are not friends! Some apps are available only on Android’s and iPhone! As I moved most of my stuffs into Microsoft’s, I haven’t missed Google’s so much. However, I missed Firefox, Remember The Milk,, Google Translate, Flickr, WebMD, YouTube (this have good alternatives though). I think Microsoft needs to find some way to encourage developers to invest more on Windows phone platform. They can for example buy RTM or they can support Firefox financially. Xbox Music is a real and good alternative for Google Play Music. But Xbox on Windows phone can’t play my stored music on OneDrive – at least right now.

Third, Flexibility. I used to have some flexibility on Android in term of disabling some default apps and replacing them with other ones. I wasn’t able to find a way to do this here. For example, the keyboard.

Forth, Firefox. It seems that in spite of all good recent feedback about Internet Explorer, I still find it weak on desktop in comparing to Chrome or Firefox. As I love things to be synchronized or let’s say to have the same stuffs on my desktop and phone, I hated to be on Internet Explorer alone on my desktop. I’m a little bit perfectionist guy! I have to mention that, for me, Internet Explorer on the phone itself was good.

These four points kept nagging over my head for few days. But when I figured out later that OneNote & Skype are better and with more features on Android’s in comparing to Windows phone, this was the killer for me. I felt that Microsoft itself is neglecting their own phone!!

I can’t but love the Windows phone (I only tried Lumia 930). However, I know by experience that Microsoft is slow in updating and catching up… An important example is that it’s around two years now and they haven’t added a search feature in calendar in spite of all requests ( So, I’m getting back to Android’s. However, I’ll keep an eye back.

Update: I could see things are the same even after the Windows 10 update. Just we hope the best for the Xamarin

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