A selfie with a stranger!

Yesterday, we saw a man with a baby in his arms. People were fighting around to take selfies with him. We broke into the crowds to have a close look. I didn’t know the guy, so I just stopped there… It seems that he could read that. So, politely with a smile on his face, he grabbed the shoulder of my daughter and nod his head that I can proceed with the picture… Well, I did it! But I wasn’t able to answer my daughter question later about who was this man except for “He is some celebrity!” 🙂

with David Luiz
with David Luiz – Brazilian football player – Chelsea club / England

The worse part was I wasn’t even able to ask any of the people there about him! Isn’t it a shame to take a picture with a stranger or a person that you don’t know?!

Relatively, few years ago, we saw Robert De Niro. We didn’t approach him to ask for a selfie as I thought it’s impossible for such an actor to be here very far from home walking in some small medical center! Well, I was wrong… and my wife is still blaming me for wasting such an “opportunity”!

However, I knew the ones in the following pictures before I approached them…

Does this count me as a football fan or fanatic?!

P.S., I’m not that short. But those people are very tall! 😉

21 thoughts on “A selfie with a stranger!”

  1. Oh what fun!!!! Such an exciting experience for your young one and for you. By the way, never noticed the height difference, till you mentioned it. Thanks for sharing your adventure….

  2. Interesting the people you run into sometimes. I once was in LA on business, in an elevator with some guy. We talked till I got to my floor, and I bad him a good day. All the while we were on the elevator, I’m thinking I know this guy from someplace. He looked so familer. So I get off the elevator, the doors closed, and I walked about twenty feet and then it clicked. I’d just ridden up and made small talk with William Shatner.


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