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Back to WordPress

wordpress_logoIn a previous post, I wrote how I started my personal website with WordPress.com then moved to Blogger and ended up with my own site (ASP) and hosting (at Web Wiz). Now, after almost a year, I’m moving back to WordPress.com

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JPS Accountants Directory

v5-2011I sold the JPS Accountants Directory (www.jps-dir.com). Wish the best for the new management of the site. I have no control over (access to) it any more.

لقد قمت ببيع موقع دليل المحاسبين (www.jps-dir.com). نتمنى للادارة الجديدة التوفيق، و بالطبع لم يعد لدي أي صلاحية على الموقع أو تحكم به بعد الآن.

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