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I admit I hadn’t visited our Putnam County Agricultural Fair in many years until last year when my husband wanted to ride the Double Ferris Wheel. Reporters had made a big deal about it in the newspaper and he wanted to ride it. So we went, walked around the midway, watched a bit of the tractor pull event and left after riding the Double Ferris Wheel a couple of times.

For the most part, the midway looks the same every year. Last year the Double Ferris Wheel made an appearance, but it didn’t return to this year’s lineup.

My sister and her girls often entered items in the craft section of the fair. So this year I decided to enter a few of my crocheted and loom knitted items. As I was sitting in a rocking chair watching all of the people bringing in their beautiful stitchery, craft items, crocheted and knitted items, canned goods, flowers, photos, and drawings, I was amazed at the bounty of talent our county had to offer.

That morning the youth horse shows were going on in the arena. Some of the Jr. cowboys and cowgirls were so cute as well as being excellent riders. One young man, in particular, had a hat which seemed larger than he was. When the pony would gallop he had to reach up to keep his hat from falling. I thought how wonderful it was for parents to have taught their children to respect animals, learn to ride and be willing to compete at such a young age.

Notice the young folks especially the young man at the far right.

It was great fun to see all of the happy people who were using the annual fair as a time to reconnect with folks and talk about their kids and grandkids.

For me, competing was a bit easier. As I’ve gotten older, just watching TV is often boring. But I’m not over the hill yet, so doing crafts or crocheting is boring. So I took two boring things and combined them into success. Now I watch/listen to TV and crochet or loom knit. I decided to enter a few of my items in the fair. And to my surprise, I actually won a few ribbons.

My sister and her daughters also won several ribbons as well as other folks I knew. The Fair Board nicely opened many categories allowing the largest number of people to have a good chance of winning. I didn’t realize until after the fair when I was picking up my items, that cash prizes were included with the ribbons. Since the cash is spread over so many categories the prize money was small but that made it great fun for all of the competitors.

I won Second Place for Cap and Scarf Set Crocheted.
This Third Place was a surprise for House Shoes Crocheted.
This ‘set’ was made out of the same yarn, but the hat was loom knitted and the jacket was crocheted. So each item was entered separately and won their respective ribbons.
This is how the items are displayed. My sweater won First Place in Adult Sweater Crocheted. The Wingspan Scarf won First Place for Scarf Only Crocheted and was created by my sister.
The look on my husband’s face when I displayed my prize was worth more than any ribbon in the world.

Since our town has spread out so much, our fair grounds are a part of the City rather than being out in the county. Word has it that this property may be sold, and a new fairground location would be purchased and placed in a more rural agricultural setting. Personally, I hope it always stays where it is. At least, for as long as I am here.

Fair logos and midway photo from various online sources, otherwise my photos were used.

17 thoughts on “My Home Town Cookeville TN USA 4”

    • We used to joke that going to the county fair was your chance to see everyone you didn’t want to see during the year. LOL Now that is taken care of by having a Super Walmart where everyone goes.

    • We have a university here and are close to the Interstate plus new factories are coming into the area. Our community is growing but a County Fair lets us remember for a bit when we were just a small town.

  1. Beautiful handcrafts congrats on the ribbon, it’s amazing how we don’t get involved with all the attractions our cities, and towns, have to offer. We are so involved in our daily routines, that we actually forget, to to live a little,. Good for you for getting out there!

    • When I was a kid the fair was about the biggest thing around. But now kids have entertainment running out of their ears so it doesn’t mean so much to them anymore. It is sad.

    • The sweater is a six pointed star that is for each side. Then all you have to do is combine the tops of the sleeves and down the back. I really like athat patten and thank you for your compliment.

      • It’s just gorgeous and I loved how you told about the lots of little prizes and the look on your husbands face ☺ it sounds like a wonderful day out.

      • I ordered a kit a few years ago that was to make a simple dish towel and flower to go on it. When I got it finished he said You Made THAT! And he put it in a frame and hung it on the wall. Sometimes he’s really into the mushy stuff.

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