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Three years in China


Firstly thank you very much Mohamad for inviting me as a guest on your wonderful blog; very kind of you.

I lived in Beijing for three years and absolutely loved it.  I worked during the week and during the weekends and other time off I took advantage of this wonderful opportunity and travelled around China.


I travelled as far west as Xinjiang, as far south as Yunnan, Guangxi and Guangdong, as far north as Heilongjiang and also as far east as Shanghai and Zhejiang.


China is such a diverse and fabulous country.  I really loved it.  So to ask me which part of China or which province I loved the most would be a good question but not one I could answer as I genuinely loved all of China.

I loved the people – I loved interacting with them; the elderly and the young and really enjoyed their surprise when they found out I could speak some Chinese.


I also really enjoyed travelling to areas that are not often travelled by foreigners like Qinghai and Ningxia.


And…of course there is the food.  Eggplant is the vegetable I loved the most, along with tofu, potatoes and the green beans.


As for seasons, I loved spring and autumn and then winter but summer heat was a killer and not to my liking.


All in all a country I really do love and miss – until 2018 when I will return for a trip to Beijing, Jilin and Inner Mongolia!!

And for anyone that is interested, my individual travels throughout China can be read at:


SueT唐 梦 琇

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  1. That is wonderful that you had such a long time to explore such an interesting country. I only stayed two weeks many years ago. I did live in Taiwan for most of a year, but as you surely know that is quite different.

    Xie xie!

  2. What an amazing country! Your pictures of the Great Wall inspired me to look it up. My husband said it would be a nice place to hike and wondered about going end to end. He quickly decided against it when I told him it was 5500 miles long. Then I read that it was actually over 13000 miles long if you count the older portions. Wow! Thanks for providing us witth a great learning experience!

  3. The honor and pleasure are all mine. Thank you Sue for this amazing post and stunning pictures. Unfortunately, for me, I only know about the great wall and never thought it has all this beauty. One should consider it for sure. I adore Italian and Chinese food. We have a nearby Chinese restaurant here in Qatar that is managed by a Chinese family. I like how they are polite and dealing with customer with a smile that never leaves their faces…


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