Ho Chi Minh Trail @ San Diego, California

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was one of my first experiences when moving to southern California. Let me tell you… locating it was quite a challenge. The beginning or “trailhead” is nestled among multi-million dollar homes.

Ho Chi Minh Trail La Jolla CA
My son, Heath, heading out on the trail

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was a secret surf trail to Blacks Beach, one of the only “clothing optional” beaches in San Diego and the trail is not recommended to the ‘faint of heart’. It can be dangerous to walk this trail and becomes treacherous before, during or after a rain, due to the sheer slickness of the way. People have died on this trail! I was totally intrigued, for  nothing like this would ever be allowed to exist, in Michigan. I was fast discovering that California was like its own lil world, doin things different from what I ever knew or could imagine. It was obvious, I had a lotta learnin’ ta do.

We drove around the block a few times, mesmerized by the huge mansions that rooted here. I have never seen such a neighborhood in Michigan and I doubt one even exists. These homes and their manicured landscapes, dwarfed me into an Alice in Wonderland moment. I felt ever so small and out of place.

In comparing California to what I knew from Michigan, I wondered, why the bees entering a beeboxtrailhead would be in a person’s yard? Michigan trailheads were in the ‘wilderness’, away from civilization. We must have misread the directions.

Eventually, we found a parking place and quickly nestled our vehicle in. The entrance to the Ho Chi Minh Trail was nearby, so we sat in the vehicle, observing all the people coming and going. It was like watching bees going to and from the beehive. We soon saw where people were coming and going from. It was the large bush that hid the trailhead. I chose not to walk the trail and waited while my son injoyed his exploration of the trail.

I encourage you to explore this site for Ho Chi Minh Trail California and browse the pictures of their journey on this trail. Notice how people focus on their steps, as they cross the small plank that spans over the ravine. Take note of the small rock crevices to maneuver through. See some of the people carrying their surfboards as they scale the trail on the side of the mountain.

Update June 2018: Early 2017, I published a similar post on my personal blog, along with a wonderful video of the trail. That can be read here @ Nervous (trail hiking)

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