5 Things Not To Miss in Phoenix, Arizona

I absolutely love traveling, but when I made my first trip to Phoenix, Arizona in 2014 I fell head-over-heels in love with the city. So much so as soon as I got home I packed up my car and moved across country. It was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the midwestern city I had been residing in the past few years. I loved all of it; the sun, the heat, the vegetation, the people. It was like my own little slice of heaven on earth.

Since then I loved sharing my favorite spots with people visiting. Here’s my list of top five things you must do the next time you find yourself around Phoenix.


  1. Hike Camelback Mountain. This is totally free and the view is beautiful, but you need to get an early start because it gets warm fast. And don’t forget to bring lots of water!
  2. Grab a margarita at a tequila bar. Specifically this one in Old Town Scottsdale called Cien Agaves- they have a ton of different flavors including a prickly pear, which is native to the area. Besides, are you really in the southwest if you don’t have a sip or two of some good tequila?
  3. Enjoy the sunset at Hole in the Rock. There’s nothing more beautiful than a desert sunset (well, possibly a desert sunrise- but I’m not a morning person). So pack some snacks, take a short hike, and enjoy the sunset from a gorgeous, natural look-out point.pexels-photo-764998.jpeg
  4. DeFalco’s. This place is a hidden gem. It’s an italian deli hidden in the back of a grocery store in a strip mall (I know, I know. Italian food in the desert? just trust me on this one). Every single person I’ve taken here ends up going back at least one more time before their flight out. It’s that good.
  5. The Old Town Shops. Catch the trolly or an uber and have the drop you off in Old Town Scottsdale and just enjoy the locally owned shops and submerge yourself in the old-timey Southwest culture. Stop by the Rusty Spur- the oldest (and probably the smallest) saloon in Arizona, check out some turquoise jewelry, or try some prickly pear tea. Whatever you deccide to do, it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.


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