Why it’s important to share links on Google+

Google-Plus-ShThere are a lot of topics about the benefits of “Social Marketing” over the net. Among other social networks, Google Plus might be the best and most rewarding.

It’s very important for a blogger to share the link of their new blog post on Google+ for the following reasons:

  • Your link will appear immediately on Google search through the G+ post. Moreover, it’ll be at the top of search results.
  • Your link will be open for more +1s. The more +1s your link gets, the higher its ranking is. Nothing official in this regard though.

A link will get +1 through one or more of the following:

  • Each sharing of the link to Google+.
  • +1 on the G+ post that contains the link (or sharing it).
  • +1 on the blog post itself through the official button of Google+. (see also my Letter to WordPress)

SO, start auto sharing your blog posts to Google Plus. AND, follow people with similar interests and give them +1s. They usually pay the favor back and +1 yours.

99 thoughts on “Why it’s important to share links on Google+”

  1. I try to remain consistent but I have almost 10 websites. 3 domains. And no, they can not be joined to one. They are far too different. Sharing is a pain in the ass but necessary. I only choose rewarding sites. Personally, I haven’t seen much benefit from Facebook or Google+. That might be just me though. They key is consistency and to pick only the social media giants you are comfortable with..or you will drive yourself mad 🙂

    • Well, when I wrote this post, I haven’t thought of many sites. Usually owners of many sites use applications to help in this regard such as Hootsuite. Some apps might be more expensive depending on the number of websites! Thank you for referring to this important point. After all, we are looking for the results. They are supposed to be achieved with the minimum costs. Yes, tell me about the mad things here especially with work, marriage, and kids… 😀


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