There should be a next life!

sad-tearsTen years ago, I was …..

Well, life was more beautiful and much easier.

Things have changed!

War or terror…  I lost friends, family members, and properties. I lost a lot of my beautiful memories. I have close ones that I see their sorrows yet I’m not able to offer a lot of help.

Responsibilities with distance… I have no much time left nor do I have the required power!

My heart, prayers, and thoughts are with all who are suffering (including me).

Is it shameful for men to cry?!

P.S., I’m sorry, Linda. I started this post with an intention to write something for you, my dear friend regarding your loss. Rather, I found that I’m writing about myself and about this life.

60 thoughts on “There should be a next life!”

  1. One of the most painful and continually damaging things for me has been my often inability to cry. Do let it out whenever you need to. Crying is a cleansing of a sort. Of course it is a release.

    I fully understand what you are feeling. I have experienced great pain these last 14 years because of my mental illness, loss of people I loved dearly, and the loss of the dream I had before and worked for for so long. But Marina is so right about pain and challenges making you stronger. Yet sometimes it doesn’t feel that way at first.

    Pain teaches us many things in life. Many good things. Yes, to savor the memories of youth, which usually does return when you’ve had a chance to release some of the pain that makes them foggy. Also, to appreciate the wonderful things you still have more than ever before.

    Finding beauty and pleasure in the little things in life, either again or for the first time, is a wonderful first step in the healing process. Even if it is hard to see, hear or touch them at first we need to gradually expose or re-expose ourselves to them.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Cindy. I really really do always find a relief in your comments and continuous support, my dear friend. I might want to cry now; but trust me, I’m a strong man that doesn’t give up so easily. However, sometimes, when I reach a dead end, I can’t help it.

      When I reach a dead end, I always expect a divine support. This support might come through wonderful people like you.

      You can’t imagine how much wonderful your words were to me.. I totally appreciate them and hope that soon things will be fine in spite of all of our losses and pains

      • I hope things get better for us, and all others struggling, too. But don’t forget to cherish simple things in life as well as the most valuable ones you still have, like your family.

  2. You are human. It’s okay to express how you feel. I understand that all humans endure some suffering, but I it is incomprehensible to me when it is caused by the hands of other humans. Somehow we need to find a way to return to peace and love in the world. <3


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