Hello great ones. I am Stacy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mohamad Al Karbi for his invitation to write a guest post on his blog. It is a pleasure to share with you what I enjoy most. Mohamad is a great supporter and lover of Tech which makes us share some common interest. Welcome as we delve into the tech world. Have some of your 3D glasses on as we take a little tour in an amazing field.

Well, well, well, in this day and age, where all sought of things are happening in the world, corruption, lack of healthcare, war, terrorism name it all. The list is endless. We can never anticipate what will happen next or what invention will pop-up overnight.

With the invention of Artificial Intelligence, an integration between machine learning and deep learning, it has taken control of major industries. From the technology industry, Science and Engineering industries.  Recently, we had Google AI’s creating their own AI’s (unbelievable it is, but it did happen, robots created other robots). AI, has been called the next future. True to that, it is the next future of technology as it solves what man cannot do in minutes.

AI’s are proving to take over human’s capability and functions. They are surpassing what any ordinary human being can do. Their evolution is great but comes with its own disadvantages, including loss of employment as recently experienced by companies such as Sound Cloud and Microsoft which laid off many of their employees, recently.

The AI’s have imitated most of man’s actions and behavior’s and this includes talking, teaching, and some go to the extent of imitating emotions. Recently, a robot “thought to itself” if I may say so, why can’t it go a step further and imitate the humans by committing suicide. This I can call as “The Robotic Suicide Mission.” (Very weird, right?)


This robot, that decided to experiment with suicide was employed as a security robot at a Communications Agency in Washington DC. The robots are equipped with cameras to provide a more physical experience than your regular security (CCTV) camera.  According to the company marketers, they state that the robot is much better than human guards. They attest this to some of the features that the security robot has such as:

  • It never gets bored of what it does, unlike humans, we all agree that at one time or another we felt bored with whatever we were doing.
  • The robot understands its own environment and judge whether there is a problem around the area or not using a combination of video cameras, microphones, which when they detect something is wrong, it produces sounds like squeaking, whistling to make others alert, and it is expected to get better features with time like gun detection and to be taught through machine learning to learn and understand human movements.
  • It frees people from carrying out patrols around the area and it does not get attacked.
  • It recognizes forensic capabilities such as recording license plates as listed in the company’s website.

The K5 robot drove itself and into pool drowning which has led to its death. The robot has also had other misfortunes previously including, running over a 16-month-old toddler and hit the child’s head and the child fell but the robot continued to still hit the child, leaving the child with injuries on the leg and foot.

This comes a day after one of the people behind Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk, came out and spoke out at the US National Governs Association meeting, about how AI could be a threat to human civilization where the AI’s will come to harm humans. He stated that he was referring to Artificial General Intelligence and not your used to AI’s such as Siri and Cortana. His statements, currently cannot be believed by many but some of truth in it can already be seen from the security robot and from a recently created Inspirobot that went crazy when it decided to generate weird and crazy posters instead of motivational posters.

We can speculate and say that the robot took this drastic measure trying to imitate humans as they say, the world has become a terrible place to live in. But ideally, this is not the right act for any human or robot. Speak out to others and let others hear and help you out in difficult situations. A time is coming when robots will take over and human beings may lose control resulting in many dangers to humans.

Like, share and comment your view on the future of AI’s and what you think about the robot’s suicidal mission.

Source: Independent


  1. We are geting deep into technology, however if we are smart we’ll apply it the right way, that way it will benefit mankind and not kill them off. I enjoyed reading this blog post. The part of the blog about the bot diving into the water, well it sounds like that bot had a malfunction, I wonder who was willing to give it CPR? LOL.

    • Yes, technology is growing faster each day …I concur with you, we only need to apply the technology in the right way and we will get massive benefits from it since Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. Sources on the bot diving say that it is assumed to have had a mulfunction , though this doesn’t negate the fact that some bots go away from their intended purposes as observed by inspirobot and also Microsoft AI which sounded like racists… Thanks for stopping by.. You can get more technology updates from my blog at where I am migrating to from to .org at

  2. Very interesting and thought provoking post. I think you are right in that robots and AI will redefine our world over the coming decades. Many blue collar jobs have already been replaced but a significant number of white collar jobs will follow. Uber are investing heavily in driverless cars. The use of robots in diagnosis and surgery is imminent.

    The robot suicide is bizarre though. However, it’s hard to see how robots could ever do anything other than imitate human emotions so the suicide is simply an imitation of an action rather than an emotional act.

    For similar reason it’s hard to see how robots and AI could have a significant impact on the arts (creation I mean, not construction and distribution as you rightly point out their use by SoundCloud). I hope that we may see a huge resurgence of the arts and greater value placed on them as they become the thing that most differentiates us from the cyborgs.

    • Your opinion is very right and true. AI will define the working space to a great extent and only the creators of the bots can regulate the functionalities of an AI.

    • That’s true . The creators are the only ones who can set the limits to what extent a robot can go to depending on the level of technology they use especially concerning deep and machine learning, since it uses neural technology to control the robots.

  3. I can’t believe the robot was trying to “kill” itself. If anything it may (for example) have been trying to find a short cut across the room, or perhaps if it were the type with intelligence, it may have been experimenting to see if driving into the water would increase it’s battery life.
    Now on the Killer robot aspect, I can see a future reality. Robots will always be programed to preserve there “life” and if they felt threatened by humanity or there own programing, they could conceivably evolve into something other than they were created to be.


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