Photoshop Tips

I’m learning Photoshop… So, here are some tips that I learned recently about cropping images into shapes. I thought it’d be helpful to share them here.

Creating Clipping Mask

Refugees cropped from Ukrainian and Syrian flags

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Accounting for Exchanged Assets (trade-in)

This is controversial topic recording gain/loss based on FMV or using NBV with no recognizing gain/loss.

Whether it’s an exchange of similar or different assets, there is a high possibility of Commercial Substance. An exchange has commercial substance if the future cash flows change as a result of the transaction. That is, if the two parties’ economic positions change, the transaction has commercial substance.

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Thoughts about (previously, Hotmail) is my choice and I love it a lot. You won’t go wrong using it for sure. However, when it comes to managing contacts, I’m facing a lot of troubles that I haven’t faced on Gmail.

Those are some thoughts about People / Contact section of

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Firefox – Hacks

Firefox-iconAs I noticed great interest in Firefox and a lot here are using it, here are some tricks and hacks that I believe it gives better experience and speed the browser up. I also found that Firefox 64bit is much faster than the 32 version but of course more resources are consumed.

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How to drive traffic to your website

TwitterAdsThere are a lot of topics over the net about how to drive or increase traffic to your website – free and paid methods. On WordPress, engaging with others might be the one with best results. Social networking is very important too such as sharing and engaging with people there through groups (Facebook), communities (Google+), boards (Pinterest), … etc.

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