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T-Team Series — Kings Canyon

Central Australia has land formations that go way beyond one’s imagination. One of these wonders, the highlight of our adventures in the Centre, is Kings Canyon. Many thanks to Mohamad Al Karbi for giving me the opportunity to share the T-Team’s adventures in Central Australia.

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The T-Team with Mr. B: Standley Chasm

STANDLEY CHASM — Angkerle Atwatye


G’day, Lee-Anne Marie here from Australia. First of all, many thanks to Mohamad Al Karbi who has offered the opportunity to post the T-Team adventures now as a series for all to enjoy travel in Australia.
[This time we travel back in time to 1977, when Mr. B, a wealthy man used to comfort and luxury, together with his son, Matt, took on the challenges of roughing it camping with the T-Team. During our intrepid travels with Mr. B, we visited Standley Chasm. This stunning chasm is about 50km west of Alice Springs and is one of the first of many beautiful sites to visit in the MacDonnell Ranges.]
Mr. B slowed the Rover and eased it into a park joining the line of cars, land rovers, and buses awaiting their owners’ return. The T-Team piled out of the Rover and in single-file, followed Dad along the narrow track heading towards Standley Chasm. In the twists and turns of the trail that hugged the dry creek bed, I spotted ferns in the shadow of rock mounds the colour of yellow ochre, and ghost gums sprouting out of russet walls of stone. Hikers marched past us returning to the car park.

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