Me.. (as I defined myself around 1998)

Mainly translated from Ali Al Tantawi’s but with modifications, this was my first lecture in English (not my native language). It was in front of my colleagues at ALC (American Language Center) in Amman around 1998. I’m just posting it here without any update/fix since then:

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USA and Syria

broken-heartI loved her so much. Words (no matter what language is used) can’t describe my love. I’d simply say that she was the one that I was dreaming of since I was a kid.

We had to break up; she is an American and I’m a Syrian!

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A letter to Santa!!

Dear Santa,

I don’t believe that you’ll visit me to give me toys. Our house doesn’t have a chimney nor can our roof tolerate the weight of your reindeers. I also can’t write you. We don’t have socks without any hole to put my letter in there.


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