I’m not in love with dinosaurs any more

Yes, I’m not in love with dinosaurs any more. I just want to forget this part of my life.


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USA and Syria

broken-heartI loved her so much. Words (no matter what language is used) can’t describe my love. I’d simply say that she was the one that I was dreaming of since I was a kid.

We had to break up; she is an American and I’m a Syrian!

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A letter to Santa!!

Dear Santa,

I don’t believe that you’ll visit me to give me toys. Our house doesn’t have a chimney nor can our roof tolerate the weight of your reindeers. I also can’t write you. We don’t have socks without any hole to put my letter in there.


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Thoughts about Outlook.com

Outlook.com-logoOutlook.com (previously, Hotmail) is my choice and I love it a lot. You won’t go wrong using it for sure. However, when it comes to managing contacts, I’m facing a lot of troubles that I haven’t faced on Gmail.

Those are some thoughts about People / Contact section of Outlook.com:

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