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What do we need from Social Media?

SocialIconsMediaLet me re-phrase the question this way:

Does a normal person need an account on each of the social platforms: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, …?!

From blogging prospective, I need the following:

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Get more Facebook likes for your post

“Facebook Likes” might not be as important as Google +1s. Please refer to my post: Why it’s important to share links on Google+. However, it is still a good way for promoting your post(s). Honestly, engagements on Facebook pages are limited without paying money. So, I thought of this idea and I hope it works well:

I made a Facebook group named “Promote Your Blog Posts”. You may share the link of your blog post there. You may also try to like one or more of the links shared by others in this group:


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Disqus or Facebook Comments

29If you do a search, you’ll find internet is full with debate and comparisons about which one to choose as a commenting system for your blog/articles: Disqus, Facebook, or Livefyre… If your blog is using WordPress, then you can also use its default commenting system – my preferred one here. If you’re using Blogger, then you can use their default commenting system or Google+ comments – also my preferred one here.

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ديسكس أو فيسبوك للتعليقات


لا بد أنكم رأيتم العديد من المناقشات و المواضيع حول أنظمة التعليقات التي يمكن استخدامها على المدونات و المواقع و أيهم أفضل:
Disqus, Facebook, Livefyre
إذا كانت مدونتك تستخدم WordPress فلديك خيار إضافي هو نظام التعليقات الأساسي من ووردبرس و هو المفضل عندي هنا، أما إذا كنت تستخدم Blogger فلديك خيار نظام تعليقاتهم الأساسي أو التعليقات من Google Plus و هذا أيضاً هو المفضل عندي هنا.

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